A Beautiful Challenge

Don't think me being overly smarmy, but I have this image in mind of you lovely people who fritter away a few minutes reading my blog - 

Thoughtful, smart, seen a bit of life, know something about the world, kind, generous, warm, witty, all that stuff, and certainly...

You're likeminded souls who love reading and writing. 

With that in mind, here's a challenge. 

I was lucky enough to give a talk at Salcombe Library in South Devon this week, and had a splendid time. Not least because of the view - 


How about that? If you can mentally edit out the gawky looking guy in the middle, the library is on the hill, above the town, overlooking the estuary, and it's simply stunning. 

(The inside is a little on the Harry Potter scale, with old wooden boards and bookshelves, and isn't bad either.)

So, given that you're a lover of books and writing, dear reader, here's your challenge - 

Can you think of a library anywhere with a better view than that? 

Ah, the joys of this writing life. The places I visit in my imagination are often wonderful. 

And the real life versions can be rather special, too.