A Blogging Break

When I teach communications, one of my mantras has it that less is more.

So this week, a short blog, but an important one...

With a Merry Christmas theme!

The modern world grows ever busier.

We’re all under pressure with deadlines, demands, and deals.

It feels counterintuitive, but the strains of modern life means it becomes ever more important to take a break.

Without it, our productivity falls, our enthusiasm wanes, and our resilience fades.

Yes, I know we all have a to do list which seems never ending.

But you can only work efficiently and effectively if you have good energy.

Which means you need to take time to recharge, perhaps with a stroll somewhere sunny, or a walk somwhere wintry this festive season...

So I’ll end this blog here, to give you extra time to take off, enjoy life, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Thanks for reading my ramblings over this past year, and here's wishing you a splendid Christmas and a prosperous 2020.