A Delightful Twist

Twists are so important in writing, and this week I enjoyed a wonderful encounter with the species myself. 

It was all the better because the writer clearly didn't intend it - but it worked beautifully anyway. 

I received an email from a school, asking me to give an assembly. 

I'm fortunate enough to get a few of these, and I always try to help. Teaching and bringing on the younger generation of writers goes right to the heart of the Hall. 

So, I scanned through the email, and there were the kind, but familiar words I'm often lucky enough to see written by a teacher, or the head - 

'Fascinated by your career... think we could learn much from you, with your experience of journalism and writing...' 

(Don't think me being big-headed - I'm setting the scene for the twist - honestly!) 

((Ok, maybe a bit big-headed.))

On the email went - 'Believe we could be inspired by you and gain valuable insights into a great career and life...' 

Which was all lovely, and so I read on, reaching for my diary and looking for available dates...

When I got to the end of the email and found - 

'It's my dream to become a writer like yourself, so do please, please say you can come and talk to us...'

Oh, wow! The email was from - not the head, a teacher, or one of their assistants, but -

A 13 year old student.

Who'd asked the school if he could get in touch, tracked down my email, and then written a terrific approach. 

What a great twist, and one which left me smiling all week. 

So yes, of course I shall be doing the assembly. 

And Matthew, if you can manage to write such a twist into a mere email, apparently without even meaning to do so, I'd say you're going to have no trouble at all in realising your dream of becoming a writer.