A Legacy Resolution

It might be a little pompous (you know me), but this week a thought came to me which I liked.

It struck me as very worthwhile, a legacy thing even, and so I plan to adopt it.

I don't usually bother with New Year resolutions, but I was out on a run, musing away as I do...

And perhaps the scenery inspired me. 

I was thinking about the various stages of life, and how we embrace them. 

At the start of our careers we tend to be go getters, full of energy, throwing ourselves into anything that comes up. 

It was certainly the way with me, as a young TV reporter - 

Taking any assignment on offer, travelling anywhere to do it, full of the excitement, enjoyment and experiences of this new life. 

No thought about that was required. It just felt the right thing to do.

Get a little older and the pace slowed, as a correspondent only tending to cover the bigger stories. 

I suppose it was the journalistic equivalent of a transition into management.

Helping to set the agenda for how the TV station dealt with the more important issues.

Again, no real thought was required. It just felt right. 

And now, at this stage, in the later years of my career, I spend much of my time teaching. 

Handing on what I've learnt to the next generation. 

Yet again, there was little in the way of conscious thought about the transition. 

Once more, it just felt the right thing to do. 

And that was my musing about where I'd gotten to. 

I'd run myself a leg of the relay of life, and now it was time to hand on the baton of experience and understanding. 

(I did warn you it was a little pompous.)

I'm lucky enough to be delighting in teaching some of the finest students, graduates and entrepreneurs communications skills, here in Cambridge. 

This was part of our end of year awards ceremony at the Judge Business School, recognising the achievements of the fledgling companies we're privileged to be nurturing. 

What I really liked in my little musing was that, all being well, I should have lots of batons to hand on. 

Health, wits and demand permitting, I hope to continue teaching for many years ahead.

It seems to be useful for the people I work with, beneficial for the University, and it sure is good for me. 

So that's my resolution for the coming year.

Keep passing on as many of those wonderful batons of knowledge as I can.

Yet again, there was no deliberation or thought required on this one.

It just felt right.