A little self examination

A very fine question was posed of me yesterday at the Sleuths Crime Writing Festival, and as so often it was a short and simple one -

Why did I start writing?

It's something I haven't properly answered before, and prompted a little of that uncomfortable shining of the light within to see what murkiness might be found. 

After some such, here comes the best I can manage as an answer.

Top of the list, as so often in matters concerning Hall I fear, must be vanity. I just thought I could do it so I had a go.  I didn't plough into it thinking "oh, this will be easy", but I certainly didn't appreciate the dedication and degree of hard work required to produce around a hundred thousand words of fairly coherent and cogent book.  And that while working full time for a mistress who can be as demanding as the BBC.

Secondly I suppose, came the almost equally inflated thought that I had something to say, which furthermore people might be interested to read.

And thirdly came another lovely stroke of vanity in that I had the cheek to believe I could even make my ideas entertaining.

All that from such a short, but perceptive question! 

Anyhow, I'm glad I do write, it's a hobby that these days I wouldn't know how to live without. And I'm even more glad I bring a small measure of entertainment to some of you kind people who were good enough to tell me so yesterday in Torbay.

Thanks to all who came along to Sleuths and particularly the organisers. It was superbly well run and I very much enjoyed my visit.  I wish you all the best with more such fine festivals in future.

Lastly for this blog, with the reemergence of the world from hibernation, I'll be doing quite a few events about the tvdetective books. If you're interested, keep an eye on the News and Events page -