A New Love

In the eternal battle between logic and feelings there can be only one winner, as I've found out these last few days. 

I'm lucky enough to have plenty in my writing diary this coming year; the final edits of my new tvdetective novel, my young adults book, teaching and speaking events. I should be spending all my time getting on with those. 


A ridiculous new love affair has come calling and we just can't leave each other alone. 

Why ridiculous? Because it's ... and I can hardly believe I'm admitting this to the world... 

It's ... deep breath and step into the confessional ... it's writing a pantomime. 

(Oh, yes it is etc.) 

It's not going to pay me anything, and I can tell you this - it's nothing like as simple as it seems. It's taking much time and thought, but I'm loving it. 

The panto is for the wonderful Swanwick Writers' Summer School, in August, where I "acted" in a similar production last year - 

Play Cathy and me.JPG

Why is writing a panto proving so addictive, and triumphing in holding my affections ahead of what I really should be doing? 

Simple - because it's new. 

And what else is this glorious (writing) life for than to forever innovate and sample as many of the intoxicating flavours of the art as can be packed into one lifetime?