A new world

Auditions for the play - an Unnecessary Murder - start tomorrow, and I'm going along, to help choose the cast.

This is a curious sensation, to say the least.  How much help I'll be is very debatable.  I still think my knowledge of the way plays work, how actors do their bit, and all the nuances of the stage world is approximately sufficient to fill an egg cup, and one which still contains the egg.

But what it certainly is - for me at least - is jolly exciting.  I suppose part of the reason I became a hack is that I love learning and doing new things.  And this jaunt into the theatrical realm is certainly that.  Enter Hall, stage left, as we say...

I met up with the director and producer on Thursday night and listened to their ideas. Wow! The creativity and energy is a marvel to behold.  They're already coming up with a range of thoughts to improve my script, and I'm loving it.  I'm actually starting to believe this is going to happen, and maybe even that it'll be passably entertaining for an audience.

So now we go on to pick the actors, and this in itself is going to be fascinating.  I've got a clear idea in my head of how Dan, Adam and the other characters look and sound. But given the wonderful way of the imagination, that's going to be different from everyone else, not least our producer and director.  I've got to have a kind of vision in my thoughts, but still be open minded too as the three of us listen to our candidates doing their stuff.

And the pressure of getting the decision right... I'm not thinking about that at the moment!

And then we go on to the first rehearsals, and then the play is actually put on. And people come and watch - hopefully!

By that point, I shall probably be in a state of nervous excitement such that I'll appear a blur to onlookers.  And as for the vision of being there for the opening night, that's just too strange to entertain at the moment.

Anyway, the thing is, it's all going ahead and I can hardly believe it.  It's certainly warmed and lightened the cold month of January for me. What a way to start the year.

A quick thanks here to everyone who's offered help with the play, from rehearsal space, to stage crew, making props, a special beer for the occasion (yes, really! Come on, you know me by now.)  Many thanks to all of you.  Your efforts are much appreciated by me, as I know they are too by Hospiscare, who will ultimately benefit from all the work.

If you want more details of the production, they're all on the News and Events page - www.thetvdetective.com/news.html

I'm off now to practice shouting "cut!" in a suitably artistic manner, and to prepare some theatrical flounces for when the actors find themselves unable to correctly convey the subtleties and emotions of my finely crafted words...