A Proper Job

Whenever people tell me how lucky I am to be a writer, and what a great life it is, I'm always reminded of something my late mother would say. 

When I used to go on about how much I loved it, and how very fulfilling writing was, she would ask... 

"Yes, but when are you going to get a proper job?" 

For years, I struggled to find a reply, but now... I think I finally have an answer! 

Blog creative.JPG

This week, I had a delightful day at Exeter University, at their Creative Careers fair. 

It was set up in response to students' complaints that careers advice at the uni focused far too much on the traditional avenues of law, accounting, medicine etc...

They wanted to hear about other ways of life, and so myself, and various film producers, actors, directors, painters, sculptors, museum folk and a whole lot of other creative types were rounded up to talk to the students. 

I'm delighted to say I didn't have a spare moment to myself. Dozens of students wanted to hear what a writing life could be like. 

And I told them good and true, right from the heart - 

Simply wonderful. 

But then again, we all know that. So the real point of this blog is the small, but very important thought...

Finally, we writer types might just be reaching the same level of acceptance as lawyers, doctors and all. 

I only wish dear Mum was still around, so I could tell her. 

(Just don't expect me to look after your tax returns, deal with your conveyancing, or cure your ailments... but I can tell you a jolly good story.)