A surprising discovery

I've often said that this writing lark is a fascinating journey of discovery.  Well, that thought has just come upon me again.

I'm doing some teaching of creative writing tomorrow at Cheriton Bishop Primary School in Devon.  Every time I do a session, I like to vary it from the last one, or try something new.  That way I don't get bored, and I can also find out what works well and what doesn't.

Tomorrow, once more I'm going to try something a little different.  But it's different in a samey kind of way.

Perhaps I'd better explain...

I want to do some work on characterisation.  So I've been thinking about how to do it, how to make it work with fairly young children. And I've come to an unexpected conclusion.  i'm going to try teaching it in almost exactly the same way as I do with the adult novel-writing classes. 

I'll sub down some of the detail, and pitch it rather simpler, but in essence it'll be much the same. And do you know what?  I think it works.

Which has left me reflecting - how odd that a certain technique can be effective over such an age range. 

The way I'll do it - without giving too much away to anyone who may want to come to one of my sessions, be they younger or older - is a mix of examples, analysis, and - so very importantly - interaction.

But I suppose it comes down to this - we all like to listen to stories, and to tell them ourselves.  And we also like to play games.  Which just about sums up how I teach.

For what's the point of this app called life that we're all lucky enough to have downloaded, if we can't have some fun with it sometimes?

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