A wobble

I knew it would come, and thus it has.  Following the completion of the new book - or the first draft of it, anyway - I've started feeling a little low.

Part of what bothers me is that it's such an illogical reaction. I know I should be feeling proud, even jubilant at managing to knock together a hundred thousand words plus, in some form of order that might just make a passable novel.  But, as discussed in previous blogs, it's simply that the book becomes such a big part of my life that when it's gone, even temporarily, I miss it.

However! It's not such a bad slump, just a mild version, and I am coping.  The wonderful weather, so atypical of the British bank holiday tradition, is helping. It's great to see people out and smiling with the sunshine.  A few days off is very welcome too.

From experience of this emotion, I've also learnt ways of managing it.  Going to the gym (however reluctantly), and catching up with friends over a coffee or beer helps, as does preparing for upcoming writing events. There are quite a few in the next months, details on the News and Events page as they make their way along - www.thetvdetective.com/news.html

I reckon I can busk a few more days of such work before I allow myself to begin reading through the book and thinking about the edits. I usually make myself have a couple of weeks away from it, so I can come back almost as a reader and pick up any inconsitencies, bits of waffle, digression, poor writing or just nonsense.

I've never been great at taking holidays, but in the meantime, it's scarcely a hardship to enjoy  a stroll out in the sun, so that's the plan for now - here's wishing you a fine Easter break too.