A Writing Game

I've made a discovery which is amusing me so much I'd like to share it. 

It's a fun new game for when you need a name for a character. 

It's strange how hard finding names can be. I can agonise for days over what works and what doesn't.

Villains who don't sound evil enough, heroes who don't have quite the right ring of courage and strength. 

Previously, when stuck, I would often go to the phone book and look through for a combination of Christian and surnames, to see if I could come up with a winner. But that's a little on the dull side. 

And writing is fun, so I wanted to see if I could find a more creative and entertaining method. 

A few minutes of thought, a couple of beers, and hey! An idea cometh.

(Told you I didn't just to the pub for a pint - it's a working environment for me... honestly!) 

So, my new way of finding character names, as patented in my local last night. 

Wander round, talk to a few people, and be honest with them. Tell them you're interested in harvesting their name to go in a book... 

(I was expecting plenty to be less than impressed and tell me to vamoose, but kindly everyone played along.)

... and after only a few minutes, you've got yourself a name. 

Last night, I was hunting for a minor character with a little quirkiness to them, and came up with... 

Are you ready for this? 

Olivia Sparrow. 

It works for me, but one more thing. As with all good stories, there's a twist... which I didn't tell my research assistants last night. 

She's going to die, and rather unpleasantly. 

Apologies Ms Olivia, and Mr Sparrow, but your help was much appreciated!