An Englishman Abroad

Finally I find a spare moment to cuddle, and when we've finished our sweet and rare embrace, to reflect upon my trip to Geneva.

What a fine time!  Lovely people who made me so very welcome - many thanks to all in the Writers' Group - and a wonderfully beautiful place.  There's something that swirls the soul to being surrounded by ice-dusted mountains in a perfect blue sky. 

The contrasts are both stark and amusing / frustrating. From the English transport system - train to Reading late, bus to Heathrow late, plane to Geneva late, no one apparently surprised or even slightly apologetic; to Switzerland, when anything running late appears to be a capital offence.

And the state of the country - England, litter strewn, graffitti daubed, Switzerland clean and tidy.

And my favourite, the standards of service.  England with the all too often slouched shoulders, jutting lip and surly attitudes, whereas in Geneva it was all polite and prompt, and with smiles that felt genuine, even if they may not have been so.

I even liked the money, so much more colourful and interesting that Sterling, although I did cause amusement by thinking the chap on the 20 Franc note was Elvis himself (apparently he's not).

Most importantly, the workshop went well.  The kind folk weren't phased by my strange methods and odd ideas, and didn't even blanch at the "eyes shut, spraying my cologne and spooky touches" game, and some great ideas when we played the Tweet the day exercise. 

Yes, a splendid time, the only regret was that I had to jam it all into a weekend and couldn't have stayed for longer. Oh, and the chap at security on the way back, who insisted on confiscating my deoderant.  Doesn't he have one of his own?!

The food was darned good too, the sole omission being a complete (as far as I could tell) absence of real ale.  Which, you won't be surprised to hear, I made good as soon as I got back to Blighty.  Medical reasons only, of course - otherwise, it would have been an entire weekend without beer, which would probably have sent my body into shock.

On then to the next thoughts for travel, and a cruise down to the Cape Verde Islands late in the year, where a doubtless incredibly fascinated (and happily captive) audience can suffer more of my thoughts/musings/rantings/nonsense on the matter of writing. 

I truly am becoming a seasoned traveller... well, ish!

Finally, if any misguided souls should be at all interested in having me along to do some "teaching" (I think the quotes are well deserved here), the clever chaps who make this website work have set up a page to help -  And if that still doesn't put you off, you can get in touch via the contact page of the site -