Another world

I'm continually being asked questions about the curious world of social media, so I thought I'd try to answer a few here.

Firstly, my view on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In etc.

That's straightforward.  I'm instinctively not an online person. I prefer the hideously old fashioned way of communicating, that was once known as "going out and talking to people."

How passe!  However...

I do think the online sphere has a place, so long as we don't make the fundamental error of mistaking it for that weird existence known as "real life".

For a writer, social media is very powerful.  You can reach lots of your readers simply and in a few seconds.  You're now expected by publishers, agents and all else in the business to be there.  So there you have to be.

When I was told to get on Twitter, some 18 months ago, initially I resented it.  But now I've become a convert.  I think it's more useful and flexible than Facebook, and that its brevity is its strength.

The key for me is to keep it interesting (or try to).  However hard a fellow Twitterer may find it to believe, I'm seldom fascinated by them waiting for a bus, having a coffee, de-fluffing their navel, or any of the dozens of other amazing (and not for positive reasons) posts that I see.

Because it's not instinctively my world, I treat Twitter with a bucketful of salt - a pinch would never be enough.

A bit of humour (at least I think some of my Tweets are funny, although many may disagree), the odd quirk, a sideways glance or two at life.  For me, that's what it's for, an add on to a real life, not a substitute.

And because of that outlook, I don't spend ages at the computer, composing Tweets. I tend to create them in my downtime, most commonly when I'm out running, or brushing my teeth, or partaking of some other such chore, and then fling them at the world afterwards. 

(I thought up three whilst making my sandwiches this morning, if you're interested.  Cheese and ham, with a little green pesto for added flavour, since you ask.)

If you find yourself strangely compelled to see more of my Tweets (and who wouldn't be, after this magnificent discourse?!), you can find me  @thetvdetective  

I'm off now to have a coffee, de-fluff my navel, wait for a bus, then eat my newly made cheese and ham (with pesto for added flavour) sandwiches etc., as you'll doubtless be fascinated to discover on Twitter as the day unfolds...