Anytime Anywhere

I was wondering what to write for this blog when I had an idea. Which, in good show not tell form, goes like this - 

Last Sunday, while walking around the river - The final jokes for the pantomime I've been writing, and some others too, like... I used to work in a shoe shop, but I got the boot. 

Ok, moving on - Monday morning, brushing my teeth. A quirk of characterisation for the panto. 

Monday evening, warming up in the bath. An idea for teaching which will include working with my arm in a sling for a while.

Tuesday, out for a chilly riverside run - a new story to put into my writing talks. 

busy blog.jpg

Wednesday, driving - an improvement for the ending for my new young adults' novel.

Thursday, having a pint in the pub, waiting for a friend - a thought for an article for Writing Magazine. 

Friday, supermarket shopping for food - another idea for teaching, to do with sense of place, and based on cheese (yes, I am for real, before you ask.)

Saturday night, walking through town - another joke for the panto. But given what you thought of the getting the boot gag, I won't reveal it (Oh, yes I will, Oh, no I won't etc.) 

And those are just some of the thoughts I can remember in a brief recap of the week. 

Today, in the kitchen, making a cup of tea - the idea for this blog; on one of the great things I love about writing.

It's an eternal companion, with you always, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.