The TV Detective

Ah, Xmas time...

Apart from a few very pleasant days off, it's also given me a chance to work on the edits of The TV Detective, and I'm enjoying it. 

It's a strange experience, because often, the suggested changes come back from the publishers a good while after you've written the original book, so it's almost like discovering the story anew.  It's been interesting to see how the relationship between Dan and Adam develops, and to follow their first escapades together.

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Merry Xmas!

A very merry Xmas to you from all at the tvdetective.  Here's hoping it's a fine one.

It's Xmas Eve and I've actually done all the required shopping, I've got a few days off to look forward to, and so I'm feeling relaxed and contented.

The time off has also given me space to come up with a few ideas for new books in the series.  I'll spend some time working on the ideas over the hols and see which shape up into adventures for Dan and Adam. 

In the meantime, wishing you a great Xmas time. Cheers!

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Exeter Waterstone's

Thanks to everyone who came in to Waterstone's in Exeter on Thursday night to have a chat and pick up a signed copy of one of the tvdetective books.

I meant what I said about getting in touch to give me feedback about the books - it does help me to learn what readers like and don't like - so please do. 

You can send me your thoughts via the contacts page -

But most of all, I hope you enjoy reading the books over Xmas!

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Xmas presents

If you're doing some Xmas shopping tomorrow night (Thurs) in Exeter and scrabbling around for present ideas, here's an offer.

I'll be in the Waterstone's in the High Street from 6.30, signing copies of The Judgement Book, and the other tvdetective novels, The Death Pictures and Evil Valley too.  I'll be very happy to dedicate books to friends, family and loved ones. 

There are details of the signing on the news and events page -

After that, I must confess I shall be scuttling off to do some Xmas shopping of my own.  Funny how fast it... Read more

Plymouth signing

Thanks to all who popped in to Watestone's in Plymouth yesterday to have a chat about the tvdetective books, and pick up copies.

It was heartening to find out how many people had already read either The Death Pictures, or Evil Valley, and now wanted The Judgement Book.  The feedback I get from readers is an invaluable part of the writing process.  It helps no end to find out what you like and don't like, so I can try to improve future books.

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Strange ideas

I'm in the "ideas phase" for new books.

This is one of my favourite parts of the writing process.  It's fairly simple and goes like this - sit down with pad of paper and pen and think of bizarre, strange, quirky, cryptic, original, odd, twisted, insane, double crossing and entertaining plots, combined with a few similarly interesting characters to go in them.

Occasionally, I have to admit, the thinking is assisted by sitting in a pub with a couple of beers.  For inspirational purposes only, naturally.

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Xmas time

Call me an acute observer of life, but I know this because cards have started arriving - thanks to everyone who's sent one - and the high streets are crowded with stressed shoppers, swinging a multitude of plastic bags around.

I've also been asked to do another book signing, so if you'd like a distinctive Xmas present, dedicated to family, friend or loved one, do pop along for your personalised copy of one of the tvdetective books.

There are details of the signings on the news and events page -

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The TV Detective

The first draft of the new book is done.  Yeah!

It's called The TV Detective, and is the story of how Dan and Adam met and began working together.  It's a reworking of my first fumbling attempts at writing a book, which led to A Popular Murder.  But don't worry if you've read that - the new version is very different.

And better - or at least I hope so!

It's been a real pleasure to write.  There's something curiously entertaining about going right back to the start and meeting all the characters for the first time.  It's almost like... Read more

Christmas and book signings

I hesitate to say it, but Xmas is, if not upon us, then surely looming up fast on the horizon.

I popped into town yesterday to get a sandwich, and Xmas music was trickling - and in some cases blaring - from many a shop.

It appears Dec 1st is the chequered flag for the country to go into full Xmas mode. 

I have given myself an early Xmas present, or at least achievement.  After another long recording session at the weekend, the audio versions of the first three tvdetective books - The Death Pictures, Evil Valley and The... Read more