My little book

...isn't black, in the traditional manner, but silver.

And if you're wondering what I'm talking about - and my friends do say that's a familiar feeling - I've been asked how many more books I think I can write about the adventures of Dan and Adam.

The answer is quite a few.  Just about everywhere I go I carry my little silver pocket notebook, for handy jottings down when an idea bites - and they can do so at the oddest of times.  These thoughts can be tiny, like a little mannerism for a new character, or an observation on... Read more

My call to the Samaritans

....went very well indeed, in my humble opinion.

Many thanks to all who came to the event in Plymouth yesterday.  I had a splendid time meeting you, and doing what many observers seem to think this writer / broadcaster enjoys the most, that is, naturally, talking about himself.

I'm glad to see the Samaritans' 24/7 campaign to raise awareness of their work got plenty of media and community interest, as indeed it should.  The fine and invaluable service they provide is well worth taking note of, and I was delighted to be involved.

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Don't forget....

The talk I'm doing for the Samaritans in Plymouth tomorrow (Friday, 24th).  It's at the Theatre Royal at 2pm and is free.

I know plenty of people will be struggling to keep children entertained over the long summer hols, so I've made sure it'll be child friendly, should you want to bring youngsters along.

I've just about finished writing the talk - although I always find I manage to ambush / waylay / distract myself with a few digressions along the way - and I've got quite a fresh new things to tell you about, whether it's the new book... Read more


The list of events to promote The Judgement Book is now up on the site -

Have a look, and if there's one near you and you fancy coming along, please do, I'd be delighted to see you.  I've got quite a few new stories to share!

It promises to be a busy, but entertaining couple of weeks.  Thanks to everyone who's been kind enough to invite me to come and do an event, I'm very much looking forward to it. 


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Apologies for being out of touch for a while, but I've been away on hols - just a few days visiting my parents (Sussex) and a highly enjoyable little break in the lovely Lyme Regis.

Apart from being a refreshing rest, it's helped me to work up some ideas for new books.  I don't mean to be a tease, but I think I've got the outlines for a couple now, although no more details at the moment - I'm still simmering the ideas to see how they come along!

It also gave me time to work on the talks I'll... Read more

Skeletons and structures

How do I go about writing a book, I'm asked?  Good question!

The start can often be just one simple basic idea - as with the riddle of the Death Pictures - and the rest of the book then gets built around that.  It's fairly similar with Evil Valley, as that too is built on one central premise, the man who's gone badly off the rails and what that then means for the people who come into contact with him.

After the initial idea I sketch out sub plots, to give the book pace and variety, thoughts on what new... Read more


I'm hoping I don't sound like your boss/partner/mother, but a quick reminder for you -

I'm doing a little talk and book signing in the Oxfam Bookstore, in South St, Exeter, on Saturday (11th) at 4pm.

It's part of Oxfam's Bookfest campaign, to help raise money to alleviate poverty around the world.

It's a great cause, so if you can come along, please do.  I'd be delighted to see you.

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The Judgement Book

The manuscript for The Judgement Book arrived from the publishers at the weekend.

It makes quite a thud, coming through the letterbox, and I have to confess, has me scampering for the door to get it, not to mention clawing at the packaging to open.

It's the old "Child at Xmas" syndrome - some things we never grow out of!

Seeing the book properly set up and formatted, albeit in loose leaf form, is quite a thrill.  I can now reveal it goes on for 329 pages, and I'm already almost half way into the read through.

This is more... Read more

Samaritans event

For a group of people who go about doing a wonderful job with remarkable humility and modesty, it's hard to beat the Samaritans.  So it was a very easy question to answer when I was asked if I would do a talk to support the National Samaritans Day, a programme of events to raise awareness of their work.

It's at the Theatre Royal, in Plymouth, on Friday, 24th July, at 2pm.  There's more on the events page -

I'm just working on the talk now.  For those of you who have suffered my rantings before and thus are... Read more

Life's little embarrassments

You know I mentioned the talk I was doing in the Oxfam Bookstore in Exeter on July 11th?

I walked past the store one evening at the weekend, going into town with some friends, and lo!  There was piled a load of my books, plus a picture of your truly leering out from the window.

Apart from frightening the children, it also caused much amusement amongst said friends.

Not to mention much embarrassment for me.

As if it isn't bad enough seeing myself on the TV...

However!  I am, of course, very grateful to Oxfam for their support, and am... Read more