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A pleasant Monday a rare happening indeed, but aren't Bank Hols great?!

I have been doing some writing work - promise! - and also sorting out a few of the details of the round of events I've kindly been invited to as part of the promotion of The Judgement Book. It's looking like an exciting few weeks are in prospect, with visits to Reading, St Ives, Taunton and Appledore, amongst others. 

I'll make sure the details of events are posted on the site as they're confirmed. If there's one in your area, please do come along.  It's always a pleasure to meet folk who have read the books.  Feedback helps me no end.  I still count myself as very much a newcomer to this writing lark, and any thoughts or ideas you have are most welcome.

They might even find themselves incorporated in a future book!

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Technology and I never really did get on - so I found it more than a tad ironic that, having decided to finally join the modern world and start blogging, a few weeks later a computing mindstorm wiped all my previous blogs away.


However... all is now fixed (until the next error message pings up, naturally) so I shall renew my relationship with modern life, and blog on, as it were.

So - the new novel, The Judgement Book, is just about done.  I've seen the cover and it looks great, another TV camera style image.  I won't say any more so you can judge for yourself when it comes out.

The book is released on Sept 7th.  The next few weeks will be taken up with the minor edits, all punctuation and grammar issues, which may sound small but can take up plenty of time and cause more than a few arguments.  

As for the plot, it's a story of sordid secrets, a bit of sex, some corruption, lawbreaking and blackmail, and the first case in which Dan and Adam find themselves personally involved - at great risk to their very futures...

It's been great fun writing! 

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