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Stoke again

A big thank you to all the people who came to Stoke library on Thursday for the murder mystery night.

I had a great time, and was thoroughly impressed with the cunning plot the Stoke Writers Group came up with. 

I was equally impressed how many people in the audience were so quickly on the trail of the killer, discarding the various red herrings and discerning the true motive with ruthless efficiency.  It's heartening to know we have plenty of fine amateur detectives out there!

Thanks also for your kind reaction to my own scribblings.  I was delighted so many of you had read The Judgement Book, and The Death Pictures and Evil Valley.  It's always good to know your efforts are appreciated!

The event proved so popular that the format for the evening is one I suspect  we'll use again - anything to lift the gloom of these dark autumn and winter evenings - so keep writing those thrillers and mysteries...

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Murder mystery night

Now this sounds like fun!  The folk at Stoke Library in Plymouth have written their own murder mystery, which they're inviting you to have a go at solving.

I've been asked to come along and host the event, which will be my pleasure.  I've already seen the plot, and it's a cunning one, which I can certainly say is worth trying to work out.  I may even borrow a bit of it for a book one day!  It's all based around Plymouth, and I won't give too much away, but it involves sordid secrets, drugs, sex and lots of other naughty bits too - just my kind of thing!

I'll also be doing a little talk about The Judgement Book, and have been asked to give some tips on how to write a crime thriller and get published.  That has caused me to question what I actually know about the subject!  However, I've scribbled down a few thoughts and will be happily airing them.

The event is tomorrow night (Thurs, 29th Oct), at Stoke Library, and starts at 7pm.  I'm told there's no need to book, just turn up.  Hope to see you there.

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The Judgement Book Reviews

A quick word of thanks to everyone who's got in touch to let me know what they thought of The Judgement Book.

I'm pleased - delighted in fact - that you've been almost entirely positive.

It's a nerve wracking time, when the book is first published, people start reading it and coming forward with their views.  In the world of the internet and email, it's so much easier to air your opinions these days.  So much work goes into writing and editing the book, but the real moment - the judgement moment, if you like! - only comes when people start to read it.  To hear about their enjoyment is a wonderful vindication of all the work and very uplifting.  So - thank you!

If you're interested in some of the comments, you can have a look via the books page -

One more thing to add - I know you're a very polite and kind bunch, from meeting many of you in the talks I do, but I'd just like to say that I don't mind a bit of criticism either.  I count myself very much a newcomer to this writing lark, and comments from readers always help me with how I put together future books.

On the subject ot which, got to get back to just that very thing now.

Wishing you a fine week.

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More talking

...which you won't find at all surprising, coming from me.

But we're talking Talking Books again, as it were. 

Firstly, an apology for being silent for a while. The reason is that I've got quite a bit on at the moment.  There's the first new book of next year to get sorted, or the initial draft, at least.  It's due in with the publishers by the end of the month, which means it's controlled panic time.

Well, mostly controlled!  Some days more so than others.

More about the new book in future blogs.

The other thing that's been occupying me is preparing to turn the tvdetective series into Talking Books.  I think I've just realised how much work is involved.  From reading a few test pages, and some quick calculations, I reckon it'll take about 15 hours recording time per book.

So, that's 45 hours or so for The Death Pictures, Evil Valley and The Judgement Book in all - or more than a working week!  I shall rule off my weekends for a fair few to come...

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Talking books

Exciting news!

For quite a while now, people have been asking me when the tvdetective series is going to be turned into talking books.  I've come to understand how many folk have difficulties with their sight, or just fancy listening to them as they drive, or curl up to sleep.

I've always been keen to see the series as talking books, but the negotiations have taken quite a while - apologies about that. It's all commerce stuff, of which I understand little.

I also made a rod for my own back.  When I was first asked about adapting the series, I said only if I get to read them, they're my stories, after all!  It was a joke, but...

...that has now come back to haunt me.  I have indeed been asked to become the voice of the tvdetective talking books, and naturally I said yes.  I view it as flattering, and an honour.

It'll take quite a while, as all three books (so far) will be recorded.  The Death Pictures will be first, then Evil Valley, finally The Judgement Book.  But I hope they'll all be available by Christmas, which will be great.

I'm also practising some of the voices to use for the characters - that might be the most interesting (or amusing!) part of all.

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Appledore 2

And now, the end is near...

Or here, in fact.  So ends my little tour to promote The Judgement Book - I've enjoyed it greatly, but I'm feeling like I need a holiday now!

A big thank you to the kind people of Appledore, who made me so very welcome at the Book Festival.  They take pride in calling it the "friendly festival", and I can certainly see why.  It was a delight to be there.

In fact, many thanks to all who hosted me on my travels.  I hope you enjoyed our meetings, and hope too to see you again in the future when I've completed some more scribblings of the things that some people kindly refer to as books...

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...are great, particularly when you're off work.

As I am, and just heading to Appledore for the Book Festival, to talk about The Judgement Book, and lots of other stuff.

I'm performing at 6pm, if you're interested in an evening out - I think I can promise some reasonable entertainment!

Just agonising over what to wear - I am such a fuss at that.  I'll work something out... it probably won't match, or coordinate, but then I never really got the hang of fashion.

As you may have noticed!

Have a fine weekend, whatever you're doing...

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