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This weekend sees the Appledore Book Festival in north Devon. 

For a relatively new one, it's already secured an excellent reputation.  Appledore is a wonderful place, the people are amazingly friendly and there are some great hostelries to eat and drink.

Thus, I'm very much looking forward to my visit!

If you fancy coming along, I'm performing at 6pm on the Friday (2nd October), and will be talking about The Judgement Book, along with an update on plans for the new tvdetective books for next year.

I imagine I'll probably come out with some of the usual oddball anecdotes too, if pushed... go on, you know you love them!

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End of tour

So, that's it, the end of my little tour to support the publication of The Judgement Book - for now, at least.

Wow, I'm tired, but also very pleased.

Lots of people came along to listen to my talks, and thank you all very much for doing so.  Even better, you were most kind - I was heartened by how many people had read the tvdetective books, and how much you said you enjoyed them.

Thank you all.  It helps give me the faith to keep writing.

From now on, I'm doing a few events, here and there - keep an eye out for them on the news and events page - 

The main thrust of my work next though, will be the new books for the coming year.  There's also a move on to turn the tvdetective series into talking books.  I'm fully behind that, as I've met many readers now who have asked for them.  More on the project as it pans out.  I think I'll also have a surprise for you about it too!

Finally, if you're free next weekend and looking for something to do, how about a visit to the Appledore Book Festival in north Devon?  I'm there on the Friday (2nd) at 6pm, but there are lots of other interesting events too, and it's a beautiful village.

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Day off

A rare and precious thing!

No talks to give today, the first time that's happened for a while.  But I have been working, honestly. 

I'm off to London tomorrow, for another couple of gigs to help promote The Judgement Book, so I've been writing the talks for those.  I confess to being a bit of a country boy at heart, which means it can be a little nervy for me.  But every time I go out of my Devon homeland to talk to people, they're always very kind - for which I'm most grateful. 

I've also been working on the new books for next year.  I reckon they're coming along fine, although there's still plenty to do.

Still, I'm enjoying it, which makes it very worthwhile - as does the reaction of the people I've been speaking to about the tvdetective series this week.  Thanks to you all!

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...was a splendid evening, thanks to all who came along. 

I was touched with not only how many people had tried my books, but how much you knew about them. 

I even had to think carefully at a couple of points about answering your questions - some people seemed to know more about the novels than I did!

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A huge thank you to everyone who came along to the official launch of The Judgement Book in Exeter. 

I was amazed to see so many people - not to mention more than a little nervous about having to do a talk to you all!  But I think the evening went well, and I greatly enjoyed it.  It's always special to do a gig in your home town.

Thanks also to the fine folk of Exeter Library and the Devon Library Service for their support, the Old Porch Band for their music, and the Exeter Brewery for providing such enjoyable refreshments.


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Tea, cakes and talking

Another round of thanks, this time to the fine folk of Poole, Taunton, Seaton, and Exmouth, who suffered visits from me to talk about The Judgement Book over the last few days.

The tea in Poole was the best cup I've had for ages, the home made cake in Seaton superb, the questioning in Exmouth very fine and fiery, and there was a splendid lunch in Taunton.

So thank you to everyone for organising the events, and for coming along.  I enjoyed them all, and was heartened to meet so many people who had read the tvdetective books, and even more that you enjoyed them!

There are still more events to come.  If you fancy popping along to one, there's a list on the news and events page -

I'd be very pleased indeed to see you - but don't forget the tea, cakes etc..!

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Reading and St Ives

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Reading Crime Festival, and also the St Ives literary festival.

I greatly enjoyed both events.  It's always interesting to talk with readers about what they enjoy and also don't like in books - it helps me learn! - and other authors about what they're working on.

St Ives was stunning in the September sunshine, a real taste of the summer we never had. I treated myself to a naughty Cornish pasty, some local fish and even a Cornish ice cream too, only in the name of aiding the local economy, of course. Delicious the lot!

Thanks too to the organisers of both festivals.  They worked smoothly and efficiently, and were a real pleasure to perform at - I could see how much the people who came along enjoyed themselves.

Sometimes the organisers get forgotten, but they do a great job, so a big thank you to them.

On now with the rest of the Judgement Book tour - I'm off to Taunton, Seaton and Poole today.  Busy, but always entertaining.

I even had time this morning to do some work on the books for next year - yes, I did say books plural!  More of that later...

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A big thank you to the fine folk of Colyton, for making me so welcome and laughing at all the right places in my talk last night.

I very much enjoyed the evening - I've not been to Colyton for ages, and was happily reminded what a beautiful town it is.  I'm flattered so many people came along when it was carnival time and you had the rival attraction of the bingo to draw you away!

From here, on the road, tomorrow to the Reading Crime Festival, then the St Ives Festival, then all over the place!  It promises to be a busy, but fun time. 

If anyone is interested in me coming along to do a talk, do please get in touch via the contacts page of the site -   I'll do my best to help.

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The day!

The Judgement Book is formally published today.

I feel like it's my birthday!

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First new talk

A quick thank you to the folk of Forum 85 in Exeter, for hosting the first talk of my little tour to promote The Judgement Book.

I can now confess, I was more nervous than usual - it was almost all new material, so I was by no means sure how it would go down with an audience.  But the good people laughed, booed and grimaced in the right places, so I think all was well.

Probably most importantly, the reading I gave from Judgement Book seemed to be appreciated and enjoyed.  That's the first time any of the book has been read to an audience, so it was a big moment for me.

It helped to be on home turf too.  All in all, it was a most enjoyable start to the round of gigs I'm doing.  Many thanks to you all for coming along.  For those who bought copies of The Judgement Book, I hope you enjoy it.  Please do get in touch when you've finished it and let me know what you thought. 

Don't forget I'm doing plenty more talks and signings in the next few weeks.  There's a full list on the News and Events page -

If there's one near you, and you fancy coming, it'd be a pleasure to see you.


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Summer & book plans for next year

Regarding summer - or, in other words, was that it?

Someone told me yesterday that it was now officially the end of summer.

I'd like them to tell me when it actually began?  Perhaps I missed it?

What it all means for me, apart from getting even wetter and colder when I'm out on the road reporting, is that it's harder to get up in the morning to do some writing.

There's something about the early morning summer light which makes it much easier to rise at just after 6, my usual getting up time.  When we're in the dark and cold wells of the winter, with rain beating at the window, it's not such an appetising prospect.

However! Getting around to the point, as I eventually do, given the demands of my fine publishers, the fair folk at Accent Press, a good lie in bed is not going to be much of an option this winter.

We've just been having a discussion about what they'd like me to produce, in terms of writing, next year.  It's quite a bit, to say the least!

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