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Another apology

Is it me, or do I seem to be spending a lot of time apologising, of late?!

Well, firstly I'm back from hols - I had a great time, fab weather etc.  Managed to do some work on the next book while away too, (that's the one for next year, 2011) and I think I've got a decent looking plot with some strong characters. 

In fact, I got so into the idea, and it's made such progress, that I'm starting to write some of it now.  So, that's where the apology comes in - sorry if I'm not in touch as regularly for the next few weeks, but I suspect much of my time will be taken up in writing, while the muse is here.  I will however keep you updated with any important news - promise.

Before I sign off, I must also say a big thank you to everyone who came to my talk at the Eype Literary Festival last week.  What a great place, and what a pleasure to meet you all.

And finally, I know you're going to ask, and yes, I do have a title in mind for the new book, but no, I won't be saying what it is just yet!

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Hols, talks and an apology

Friday morning, blue sky, a good night's rest, a day off to look forward to, and I'm feeling refreshed - I needed a break after the last two weeks of work.  It's been busy indeed with the election campaign in full flow.

I'm off on a week's hols now, so excuse me if I'm out of touch for a while.  I'm visiting family, but also going to a wedding next weekend, so probably won't be back with you until after then.

A couple of bits of news in the meantime - Crime Fiction week (14th - 20th June) is filling up nicely with events.  I'm doing three, in Exmouth, Tavistock and Ottery St Mary.  There are more details on the news and events page -  

But if you're interested in staging an event, there's still some room left in the week, so feel free to get in touch.  You can do so via the contact page -

Got to get packing now, but don't forget if you're in west Dorset next week, I'm doing a talk on Tues night (20th April) as part of the Eype Literary Festival.  Hope to see you there.

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A little note for your diary, if you're in the west Dorset area and fancy an evening's entertainment.

Next week (Tues, 20th April), I'll be at the Eype Literary Festival, presenting a talk about the tvdetective books, and signing copies.

I'm very much looking forward to the visit.  I've always loved Dorset, ever since I was first posted there as a trainee journalist, many years ago. 

So, it'll be a pleasure to come back, particularly if this fine weather persists and allows for taking in some of the fabulous Jurassic coast.  For more details of the event, see the News page of the site -

Hope to see you next week.

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A promise

A lovely question came through this week, from a lady who's reading The Death Pictures.

I won't tell you her name, but it went along the lines of - is it actually possible to solve the riddle from the clues in the book?

I've answered the email, but wanted to mention it on the blog because it's a point of great importance to me.  The answer is a resounding YES!

I don't want to sound like a politician, but I do promise you this.  In each and every one of my books, there will always be the clues which enable you to solve whatever crime or riddle I happen to drop in.  There'll be plenty of chaff and red herrings too, to distract you, but the important bits will be there.

It's important to me because far too often I've been really into a book, am happily reading away, then get to the denouement, and the killer is someone who appears for a couple of lines, way back, then entirely disappears again.  That's cheating!  So - I won't be doing that to you.  Call it value for money, or professional pride, or whatever, but the clues will be there.

If you want to get in touch with a question about the tvdetective series, you can do so via the contacts page of the site -  and I'll do my best to answer.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Easter writing

Well, that was an enjoyable Easter break, aside from the weather.  Did no one mention to the elements that it's supposed to be spring?!

I had most of the time off, but incorporated it with doing some book bits.  I'm working up ideas for the new tvdetective novel for next year, and decided to spend time on the characters.

I particularly like this part, as it involves a favoured passtime of mine - people watching.  Whenever I go out, I always take a piece of paper and pen and note down little ideas.  They can be a mannerism, a quirk of appearance or conversation, or just about any detail that can help bring a character to life.

My poor friends have just about got used to it by now, but still have the odd qualm when I jot down a note, wondering what part of themselves they're going to see in a book!

Apart from the scribblings, I've also finished the audio recordings of The TV Detective. It'll now go through the editing process - which can take a while, given the number of fluffs I make - and then be released later in the year.  I'll keep you posted.

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Crime Fiction Week

The plans for national Crime Fiction week are shaping up nicely.  Crime writers are putting on events across Britain.

I've signed up for two (so far!), in Tavistock and Exmouth.  There are details on the events page -

But I also wanted to mention, if you'd like to host or hold an event as part of the week (14th - 20th June) do get in touch via the contact page -  and I'll see what I can do to help.

Don't forget too the beautiful Eype Literary Festival, where I'm appearing on the evening of 20th April.  It's my old stomping ground, just up the road from Bridport where I lived when first I became a TV reporter.  Ah, the tingle of memories of yesterday... it'll be a great pleasure to return to such a wonderful place.

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