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A couple of dates for your diary, both of which I'd greatly appreciate your support with.

On Tues, 16th March, at 10am, I've been asked to open the new Hospiscare shop on South Street in Exeter.  It'll specialise in books, art and music and I'm delighted to help.

Hospices do some wonderful work - I've seen that at first hand, with members of my own family - so please do pop in.  If you can't make the launch, then bear in mind the shop's there if and when you're shopping in Exeter.  It's a fine cause.

Looking further ahead, on Sunday, August 1st, there's the Exeter Bookfair, in Topsham, which I'll also be opening and will too have a stall for some of the tvdetective books.

I hope you can make one, or perhaps even both, of the events.  I'm proud to support them.

I'll keep you updated on those two, and all other events on the news page -

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A taste of spring

I see a sure sign of warmer and lighter times ahead - invitations are starting to come in to appear at various book festivals. 

It feels to me like people are starting to sense the end of the winter, and time to reactivate a few social events after the long cold days of late - perhaps even humans go through a form of hibernation?!  And who'd blame us, given the weather of the past three months?

As the events come in, I'll pop them on the news page so keep an eye out there.

A couple of other bits to mention.  The first draft of the new tvdetective book, The Balance of Guilt, is almost done and ready to go to the publishers, for their thoughts on what edits may be required.  Usually quite a few, ruefully, but that's the publishing process.

I've also been asked to record The TV Detective as an audio book, which means more hours in a studio, but it is also flattering - at least it should mean the others I recorded were reasonably acceptable!

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Truro and Facebook

Firstly, thanks to all those who came along to Truro library yesterday for the Crime Day.  I enjoyed it greatly and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

The new library looks superb - a wonderful use of the space and so light.  It's such a transformation compared to how it was.  It'll make a great focal point for the city - I hope to be invited back to see you all again.

Now, onto Facebook.  As those of you who amuse yourselves with my scribblings will know, I'm doing my best to keep up with these new ways of communicating.  It does sometimes feel like watching a very fast train accelerating off into the distance and doing one's pathetic bit to catch up, but I'm trying...

As part of that, I'm told a Facebook group has been set up about my writing.  If you're into these things, and fancy joining, by all means have a look.  I've joined, but as I said on the site - as I write the books, I suppose I should!

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A quick reminder of an entertaining time to be had down in Truro on Friday (19th Feb).

The library has had a big revamp, and is holding a series of events to celebrate.  Friday is Crime Day, and I'll be there to talk about the tvdetective books.  There are more details on the news and events page -

I've got a few things to tell you about the new book, The TV Detective, plus plans for the next novel, The Balance of Guilt.  And yes, if you're interested, no doubt I'll pop in a few anecdotes from my strange life too. 

There should be copies of the books available too, which I'll be very happy to sign for you.

I'm looking forward to seeing the new library.  It's always a pleasure to come down to Cornwall, so if you're about, please do pop in, I'd be delighted to see you.

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Audio books

A copy of the audio version of The Death Pictures has arrived at Hall Towers, and is causing me some mixed feelings.

It's great to be asked to narrate my own books - I just know that if an actor had done it, I'd have taken issue with just about every different voice and inflexion he or she used for the characters.  Not that I'm precious about the TV Detective series or anything, but they're my friends; mine, mine, mine!

So, it's a compliment to do the recordings myself, but it sure is odd to hear your own voice coming at you, telling you the story of an apparently pointless murder of a dying artist.  I'm still not sure what to make of it.

You'd think I'd be used to hearing myself on the radio or TV by now, so it wouldn't feel strange, but that's not the case.  I think it's probably because the books are so very personal.

Anyway, if you fancy trying them, they're on the Apple Store to download.  If you do give them a try, let me know what you think via the contact page - - but please be kind!

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Morning, and apologies for being out of touch for a while.  I can now confess the reason is that it was my birthday and I've been away for a little celebration.

No, before you ask, I'm not saying how old I am!  But thanks to the kind people who got in touch to wish me a good day.

Back to the writing, and there are a few things to mention. The TV Detective is now well and truly published, the review copies have gone out to various papers, websites and magazines, and that means I get nervous, waiting for the verdicts to start coming back. 

It is a shaky period, awaiting the first reviews, wondering what people will make of the book.  Here's hoping you enjoy it!

Work on the new novel - The Balance of Guilt - is also going well.  I've completed a first draft, and am now going through that to refine it, check it's all consistent and plausible, that kind of thing.  It's due with the publishers by the end of the month, for their thoughts, then we'll go through the re-editing, and then more edits, and then the final edits etc., until hopefully a passable novel emerges. 

I'm not saying too much about the plot at this stage, but it'll be terrorism based, and looks like being the most dangerous adventure Dan and Adam have so far faced.

One last mention - the Crime Day at Truro Library a week on Friday (Feb19th).  It's to mark the renovation of the library, and I'll be there to talk about the new book.  If you fancy coming along, it'd be great to see you.  There are more details on the news page -

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A question arrives in my inbox - how do I get the ideas for my plots?

A mixture of ways is the answer.  Some just come to me, as did the concept for Death Pictures - just that one thought for how a code might work was enough to base a book on.  Evil Valley came from seeing the actual place - albeit under its true guise of Evil Coombe - on a map of Dartmoor.

Others, like The Judgement Book, come from a mix of my weird imagination, and things I see or hear - I think Judgement Book started to form after I read a newspaper article about blackmail.

So, I just read papers, listen to conversations, keep thinking, and sometimes an idea will sparkle. 

The idea for The TV Detective came from the weather, but more than that I won't say, to make sure I don't spoil it for you!

The book is currently at the printers - sorry for the small delay - but should be out in the next few days.  The details are up on the site, if you want to read more -

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