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This childish author

The TV Detective is currently in the process of being printed. 

The reason I've headlined the blog, This Childish Author, is that's exactly how I'm feeling.  Like a kid at Xmas time!

I've planned, then written the book, done the re-writes (about half a dozen or so now), gone through all the details of the edits, approved the cover and blurb, and now it's finally time to see the finished product.

It's the moment at which all the work feels worthwhile.  When I finally get to hold the completed book in my hand.

When my sample copies arrive, I'm not ashamed to confess my little hands shake, and I tear away at the cardboard of the wrapping like a man demented.  All say - aaaahhh!

From what I can tell, the book's come together well.  But I'll leave you to decide on that, as you start to read it.  It should be available within the next week or so.  There'll be a link on the site when it is released.  See the books page -

One more piece of news on The TV Detective - as the other audio books in the series are ticking along nicely, I've been asked to record a version of this one too.  I'll be starting work on it in the next few weeks.

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The TV Detective

Ah, happily the final edits of The TV Detective are done. 

Apologies, but the book is a little behind schedule.  That was due to the fortnight of freezing weather at the beginning of the month, which left me very little time to work on it, and my poor publishers were also snowbound and struggling.

However, all is now proceeding smoothly - or as smoothly as does ever anything when I'm part of it, anyway - so The TV Detective should be out early in Feb. 

I've had quite a few questions raised about how Dan and Adam met and began working together, along with others about the genesis of the series.  I hope the book will answer all those, and manage to entertain you a little too.

So, now it's onto the next book in the tvdetective series (in terms of the lives of the characters) and I'm pleased to report that's all well underway.  The Balance of Guilt, as it will probably be called, is due out in September, and will be the story of a dreadful terrorist atrocity, the most dangerous case that Dan and Adam have yet faced.

Finally, for this dispatch, I was reading today that Monday is the most depressing day of the year - cold, dark, the despair of broken New Year resolutions, no money etc. 

That's all entirely understandable.  But I'm trying to be cheery and am looking at it another way.  The grim month of January is almost done, and the nights are definitely getting a little lighter!

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I've always been a big fan of libraries, and that feeling has just grown over the years.

As a child, I remember the simple delight of exploring a library to find a new book, and the excitement of taking it home to begin reading. 

As I've moved from reader to writer, I've come to appreciate libraries even more.  They're so much more than just a place to find a book, look something up, or search the internet.  For many, they're a lifeline, a place to go to meet people and have a chat, and a focus of the local community.

They've also been wonderful in supporting me in my fledgling writing career, for which I'm very grateful.

If you're asking yourself what this little ramble is about - and I suspect that's a common question with my blogs - the answer is this.

I've just got the figures back from the library service about the number of times my books have been borrowed, and I'm taken aback.  Thousands of you are reading the things!

This has come as a most pleasant surprise.  Writing can be a lonely business.  You're never quite sure who's reading your scribblings, if anyone, so it's great to know that all the work isn't being wasted.

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Snow and hats

As you'll know, I rarely mention work matters on my blog, but as the snow has been such a big part of all our lives over the last few weeks I thought I'd bend the rule a little.

It's been an extraordinary month.  Last Friday, I was working in a temperature of minus 15.  Minus 15!  In Devon!  Who'd have thought that?  It was so cold the camera froze, and I've never known that before.

Not to mention the reporter...

And then there were the poor swans on the River Exe, frozen into the ice - that was such a sad sight - but happily they were all freed with no ill effects.  And so many other remarkable and memorable sights too.

And through all this, there's been wonderful human kindness and resilience.  From people helping each other out while they've been trapped in the snow, others coming to feed the swans and ducks and geese on the Exe, to make sure they're ok, and also those who have taken pity on me.

I don't think I've ever been offered so much tea and shelter before.  And my favourite of all - a big thank you to all the people who got in touch offering to get me a hat to help keep out the cold!

I can now confess I do own one, but the old vanity issue precludes me from wearing it on camera.  Thanks so much though for your thoughts and kindness.

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A chilly apology

Sorry for being out of touch for a while.  It's a familiar, but passable reason - the extraordinary weather.

It feels like the world is hibernating to me.  The roads, towns and villages have been so quiet, the countryside too, covered in its spread of white. 

It's all been very busy on the news front, which hasn't left much time for writing.  But over the weekend, I've finished the first batch of edits for The TV Detective - one down, one to go! - which should mean we're still on course for the book coming out early next month.

As I write, the snow is falling again in Exeter.  It's been a bizarre few days, and more to come, according to the forecasters. When will it end?

One word of thanks - to all the kind people who've made us welcome, wherever we go, and have provided cups of tea to keep us warm.  I can hardly communicate just how much it's appreciated - thank you!

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New year

I don't tend to make resolutions - the depressing precendent of years of breaking most within days has tended to scare me off.  So, how about some New Year's hopes instead. 

Firstly, that the new book, The TV Detective satisfactorily answers the questions which have been put to me, about how Dan and Adam met and began working together, and also provides you with some amusement and entertainment in the process.  The edits are just about done and so all looks on track for it to be published in February.

Secondly, that the other next new book of the year in the tvdetective series, The Balance of Guilt, comes together smoothly.  It's now written in outline form and so I can tell you - with reasonable certainty! -  that it's going to be about a terrorist attack, and the first to take the boys outside of Plymouth.  It's due out in September.

Aside from that, my other new year hopes are for the move into ebooks to go well for the series - it'll be interesting to see how ebooks take off this year - and that people enjoy the narrations I've recorded. 

Oh, and a bit warmer weather would be nice too - it's freezing in Exeter this morning!

Wishing you all a fine year...

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