Easter time

Having just about adjusted to the clocks going forwards (whole stole that hour of my life?!), I'm now looking forward to the long easter weekend.

It's going to be a working one, but enjoyably so, or at least that's what I hope.  I'm happy to report the first stirrings of an idea for a new book are agitating in my mind.  I won't go into too much detail, as sometimes - often even! - these thoughts of mine come to nowt, but I'm feeling confident there's enough to make a decent novel.

A couple of quick details - it'll be... Read more

Newton Abbot

A note about the weekend, and a signing.

I'm at the Waterstone's in Newton Abbot on Saturday (27th March), from 12.30 for a couple of hours, to sign copies of the tvdetective series.  They'll have the full range of books, from The TV Detective to The Death Pictures, Evil Valley and The Judgement Book. 

I've also got some bookmarks to give away.

There are more details on the events page -

Do come along, have a chat, and pick up a copy of one of the books - or preferably all!

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A quick reminder for you - if you've got a question about the tvdetective series, feel free to raise it and I'll do my best to answer.  You can get in touch via the contacts page -

One such has just come in.  It's - where do I get my characters from, and are any based on real people?

It says in my book of how to be an author that mystery sells, so I shouldn't give too much away.  But I can tell you that only one character in the series is based entirely on a single... Read more

The Balance of Guilt and other bits

A few bits of news to pass on.

Firstly, The Balance of Guilt is now complete in its draft form and has gone to the publishers for their comments.  This is always a nervy moment, as I await their views.  I like it, but then, I would, wouldn't I?!  It's still due for publication in September and there's already talk of some events to mark its arrival.  I'll keep you posted.

Regular readers will know that this author isn't the best when it comes to new technology, but I must tell you about this, as it's a first.  I am... Read more


A big thank you to everyone who came along to the opening of the new Hospiscare shop in Exeter yesterday.

It was a pleasure to be asked to open it.  As I mentioned in my little speech, I've lost two close family members in the last few years, both of whom were wonderfully cared for by the hospice in their final days.  I feel I owe quite a debt, so for me, yesterday was at least a small way of repaying some of that.

I wish the shop all the best, and Hospiscare another 30 years and much more of... Read more

The TV Detective

Thank you to all who have got in touch with their appreciations for The TV Detective. 

I was a little nervous about the book - more so even than usual! - it being a retrospective, but you seem to have enjoyed the story of how the boys met, which I'm delighted to hear.

I've been asked to narrate an audio version too, which I'm about to start work on.  I do enjoy doing the recordings, but it is remarkably tiring.  You wouldn't think just reading aloud could require so much concentration and effort.  And I still make plenty of... Read more


Life's suddenly got rather busy on the events front.

I've mentioned this before, but I think it's worth saying again, as it's such a welcome feeling.  It's a definite sign that spring is here, the world awakening as people actually start to make plans to venture out from the warm safety of their houses of an evening again.

So then, before I started waxing on, those dates.  Next week, on Tues (March 16th) at 10am, I'm opening the new Hospiscare shop on South Street in Exeter.  It's a wonderful cause, which I'm delighted to support.

The following Thursday (March 18th),... Read more

Free book

Some fun, and money saving news -

To celebrate two years of the my tvdetective books, my kind publishers have decided to make the first one, The TV Detective, available free as an ebook. 

It's a limited offer, so if you want a copy, grab one now.  Just go to the Accent Press website -  and click on the banner a little way down from the top.  There are no strings to this, it's the whole book, absolutely free.

Just as a small quid pro quo, if you do have a read, please feel free to get... Read more


As regular readers will know, rarely do I get too personal in a blog.

On this occasion however, please excuse me.  I've just been ill for four days and...

I hate being ill!  I loathe and detest and abhor and dislike and can't bear or abide or in any way whatsoever tolerate or even manage to be relatively calm and accepting of being ill.

It's such a foul feeling, each passing moment being unpleasant.  It's scarcely what life's for, in my view.

And it's such a waste of valuable, precious time, when all you can do is lie on... Read more