Thought that'd get you reading!

A slightly naughty question has arrived in my inbox, as it were.  It's this - why are there no sex scenes in the tvdetective books?

Yet again, as with so many inquiries from my wise and perceptive readers, it's a darned good one.

As befits the nature of the question, I shall be frank and answer by telling you a little story. 

When first I began writing, some 7 years ago now, I got to a point in A Popular Murder, where Dan and Kerry became so intertwined they were about to do what... Read more

My little (not black) book

I often get asked what I think are the indispensable tools for a writer.

Well, there are many - imagination, persistence, writing ability, determination, the list goes on and on.  But an often overlooked, although very important part of that, is a little notebook.

I find ideas for plots, characters, locations, or just pieces of dialogue can strike me anywhere and at any time, and it's maddening if you haven't got something to write them down on. If you're like me, a good idea can pop into mind, only to be long forgotten a few minutes later.

Hence, these... Read more


This may come to be a rather ironic blog, as fashion is something I never really got the hang of. I've got an amusing little tale to impart on the subject - at least I think so - but more of that in a moment.

I'm prompted to write about the issue of fashion, because of a conversation I had with a stranger earlier this week. The lady in question was kind enough to comment on the ties I wear, but then went on to say that there's little in the tvdetective books about Dan's dress sense.

In this she... Read more

The trials of technology

A fortnight ago, my old mobile phone was adjudged as sufficiently battered and ill functioning for me to be awarded a new one.  I was pleased about this - until the moment the thing arrived and I started trying to work it.

It was hardly the most encouraging of signs that it took a full 15 minutes to sort out how to get the back off and the battery in.  However!  Undaunted, I overcame that considerable hurdle, only to utterly thrown by what awaited me when I got as far as switching the phone on.

The new phone is one... Read more

An unwanted birthday present

Apologies for being out of touch awhile, but I've been suffering with a cold.

Now I know some of the less kind hearted types amongst you - if any such people could ever read my blog! - will immediately accuse me of overdoing my suffering, but boy, has it felt rough. Forget accusations of man flu, this has been more a mix of the plague, Lassa Fever, Black Death and many other an awful ailment all in one.

In short, as you may have guessed, I've been feeling more than a little sorry for myself. That sensation has only been... Read more

Birthday thanks

May I say a sizeable thank you to everyone who's gotten in touch to wish me a Happy Birthday.

In the traditional manner, I shan't be revealing the exact vintage of the Hall, but I'm well aware with this new fangled internet thing that it isn't too tricky to work out.

When you do, if you do, please say - Well, I'd never have guessed, rather than something like - Blimey, you look much older...

Despite my advancing years, the problem is that I still think I'm about 19 or so, inside my little mind at least. Perhaps that's one... Read more