A Whirlwind of Wonderful Intensity

It's taking quite some time to return to anywhere approaching earth after the Winchester Writers' Conference. 

What a weekend! From my first meetings with the other writers, I got the sense it was going to be special. And how.

Firstly, on the Thursday night, I met Dave Evans, a very fine author who was on my crime writing course last year.  And then he announced he's been shortlisted for the hugely prestigious Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger award.

I take none of the credit - it's down to his talent alone.  But what a start to the weekend.

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I'm rehearsing my teaching for the Winchester Writers' Conference this coming weekend, and thinking back to my visit last year.

It's remarkable how much of what I plan to say has changed in only a year. Perhaps that says something about how much you learn as you write - which is one of the joys of the job.

To start with, there are now six section headings to my day of teaching - all beginning with a letter P - compared to four last year.  That's a 50% bonus, according to my limited maths.

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The Other Side of a Signing

I've been asked to do a book signing on Saturday (15th June) to mark the refurbishment of the Waterstone's in Newton Abbot. 

I haven't done one for a while and always enjoy them, so am looking forward to it.

What I particularly like about signings is the market research I get to carry out.

One of the great things about this writing lark is that it's very much a two way street, even if that isn't always obvious.  Readers think they gain from me - entertainment etc. from reading one of my books (hopefully, anyway!) But I also get a... Read more

Shadows, substance and a surprise

I'm often asked about the differences and similarities regarding my day job of reporting and my writing.

I used to think the answers were straightforward - they're similar in that both are about storytelling, but different in that one is fact and the other fiction, and in format - two minute reports of maybe 150 words, as opposed to books which contain an average of a hundred thousand words.

But a more subtle realisation has come upon me.

It's this - one is about being blunt, straightforward, overt, making sure there can be as little scope for misunderstanding as possible. 

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