The Wars of the Edits

Editing a book is part teamwork and part battle, in my view.

It's always a nervous time, waiting for the suggested edits to come back from the publishers. You can't help but fear how many there will be and how much work they'll involve.

I'm pleased to report I'm on the final stage of the edits for the new tvdetective book, The Dark Horizon, which should be out in June. And happily, there aren't too many to do.

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Innovation online

Whenever I teach writing, there's always a section I come to with a little concern because I know there'll be a stark divide in the reaction of the group, and quite often some hostility.

It's the part about the online world.

I like experimenting, trying something new, innovating, however scary that can be (what's the playground of life for, otherwise?), so I've done my best to take to this new fangled internet thing.

I've come to enjoy it, but I know many writers don't see it as anything useful, helpful or in any way pleasant, instead more of a chore.

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The Texture of Writing

Writing can be one of those wonderful arts which might look simple on the surface, but with a whole lot more going on than is immediately obvious.

I'm coming to the end of the new book I'm working on, and have also been doing a bit of teaching of late, which has left me thinking about the texture of writing.

It was spurred by a session I did at the wonderful Maynard School in Exeter, talking about creative writing and journalism, too -

Simon teaching maynard.jpg

Apart from the shirt, all else seemed to go well -... Read more

A Question of Questions

Ironic though it may be for a professional questioner, I've been reflecting on the pros and cons of being subjected to a public question time.

I'm happy to report I had a splendid week, doing a couple of writing events, both of which were hugely enjoyable (many thanks to the Maynard School (such bright and spirited young ladies), and the kind people of Sidmouth (so thoughtful and perceptive). At both events, everyone was so very warm and welcoming).

In fact, let's go straight in and scare you at the outset, with a shot of me "in action" in Sidmouth -

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