A Baffling Question

I had some thinking to do last night, so I invited myself out for a beer and - unsurprisingly - I graciously accepted. 

And I was asked what seemed to me a very strange, if not baffling, question; not once, or even twice, but three times. 

Ok, it was Boxing Day, and lots of people around me were with their families and friends. And I know they were being kind, but I simply hadn't imagined myself in the way they clearly saw me. 

I was sitting happily in a quiet corner with my notes and "writing assistants" - 

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Relish the Fighting

I'm lucky enough to work with quite a few aspiring writers, many of whom are very talented and will undoubtedly get published. But there's one failing which a remarkable number share, and it always surprises me. 

They don't relish conflict. 

I've lost count of the number of times a row is brewing, or a fight, and the writer skips over it with a couple of bland references to words exchanged, or punches thrown, and then moves on in the story. 

I have a simple piece of advice - stop that at once! 

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The Next Mountain

It's been a bitter-sweet week of writing flavours, but happily ending with a very satisfying pudding. 

I finally finished the edits on my young adults book. That's a source of pride and achievement, of course, but also sadness. 

I tend to fall into a pit of glummery at the end of a major project and this week was no exception.

It's like the end of a long term relationship. You're together and happy for so long, even through the ups and downs, and then...

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The Thousand Mile Journey

There's a very familiar lament you hear as a writer, and it goes like this - 

"Oh, I'd love to write a book. I've always wanted to. But I just don't have the time." 

It's a fair point in one way. Yes, a novel is a lot of work, even if it's a labour of love for most of us. And it does take time. 

But! Try some lateral thinking and instead see it this way - 

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