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Telling it and Feeling it

There's a big difference between telling it and feeling it, and a well known warning. 

As the old saying would have it - Don't get involved. 

It's there to protect your professionalism, and yourself. 

And I understand the sentiment, but I've never agreed. 

This week, I had the distressing task of reporting on a fire which destroyed an historic hotel, right in the heart of my beloved Exeter home town. 

ClaRENce blog.JPG

As a journalist, maybe I should have just said what was happening and left it at that. The who, what, where, why, when and how. 

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I was arranging a couple of lovely events this week - a talk to Age UK and some teaching in a fine Devon school - when I was asked a very good question by one of the hosts. 

Why do I do these events? 

Like so many of the best questions, it's a simple one and hits right to the heart of an issue. 

I suppose the answer is - because I can. Just as my wonderful riverbank friends can revel in the freedom of flight...

MaLVo blog.JPG

(This is Malvo, newest arrival on the river, showing off whilst still looking impressively serious.)

Anyway, as I was saying, I enjoy making good use of the gifts I'm fortunate enough to have been given. 

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Killer Lines

All week, I've been struggling for a line. 

You know those moments in writing, films or plays? Where it's a time of high tension and a character comes out with a cracking, memorable line. 

"You're gonna need a bigger boat", when Jaws finally reveals himself. Or "Make him an offer he can't refuse", in The Godfather. 

Every writer aspires to creating such a classic. 

I came out with an - admittedly paraphrased - version this week, when I was talking to the Read Easy charity about the wonderful work they do, helping adults who struggle to read. 


These are some of the volunteers and readers, and a wonderful group of people they are, too. 

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The Wonder of Words

I'm preparing for an event this week which is both a great privilege and a big pressure. 

I've become the patron of a charity, Read Easy. They help adults learn to read when they may have spent years hiding their struggles. 

It's a fantastic cause, and I was flattered to be asked to help. 

But! As ever in this strange game called life, there's a but. 

I'm giving a talk about what reading means to me, and it's really made me agonise. 

You'd think it wouldn't be so hard. I give plenty of talks about writing and journalism - this is a shot from an event at the excellent Plymouth High School for Girls. 


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Going Off Script

A script is a great comfort as a guide in life, but going for a wander can be far more rewarding.

I've done a couple of careers events in the last few weeks where I set myself a challenge. 

ExeTER SChooL.jpg

These are some of the fine youngsters of Exeter School, who came along to listen to my ramblings (the ladies in the army gear weren't there to arrest me; the school has proud links with the forces and it was a training day.)

Anyhow, I decided rather than have a script of what to say for the sessions, I would pop down a few bullet points and talk around them. 

I was a little nervous about how it might go. But I'm delighted to report it worked beautifully and was so very uplifting.

I felt much more free, not being a slave to the strictures of a Powerpoint presentation.

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