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Death v Evolution

I celebrated 21 years at the BBC this week, an anniversary which was marked by an interesting, if less than subtle question from one of my students - 

"Is journalism a dying art?"

I've always encouraged them to ask whatever they want, but sometimes, honestly! 

Anyway, in fairness, she's facing an important interview at a journalism college where that's a favourite question, so we had to explore it. 

My answer was a resounding no. When people talk about the death of the media, or books, because of the internet, what they're actually talking about is evolution. 

On the subject of which, since it's an anniversary week, here's a me in TV action from a few years ago - 

BBc blog.JPG

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I love quirks, whether in writing or life. They're so human and so Planet Earth. 

This weekend, I was privileged to witness a wonderful quirk - 

SUn bloG.JPG

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the sun sets directly along my beloved River Exe - with spectacular effect. 

The planet is full of quirks. Whether it's the three dashes of grey between the wings of my favourite goose, a double rainbow or the occasional four leafed clover. 

And naturally, we lucky travellers on this amazing spaceship take on quirks of our own. It's part of what makes us individuals. 

I can't bear having the sleeves of my shirt done up - it makes me feel constricted, almost caged. 

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Breaking the Rules

Perhaps I should start this musing with a mention of the weather - because that, according to one of the many rules of writing is something an author should never do. 

Well, I'm just that kind of rule breaking rebel - and I can prove it.

I've finally finished the proof read of my new book, Justice Mirror - 

Justice mirror the cover.JPG

I noticed when I was reading back through all 93,000 words of the book, that I'd broken every single one of the sacred rules. 

If you can cut out a word, I don't always cut it out. Because some scenes might need slowing down, or easing off, or expanding, or going on a bit...

And on a bit more...

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The Ugly Duckling

It's an old insight, which I've mentioned more than a few times, but worth re-telling after this week. 

I even saw a lovely scene on my dear River Exe which summed it up for me - 

swANs bLOg.JPG

What am I talking about (you find yourself asking yet again)? I'll explain in a minute...

Anyhow, the insight went like this - 

One writing friend, who's had a rough time with rejections of late, kept on going...

And got an article accepted for a top magazine, and it's a great one. 

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