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The Writing Family

You're never alone when you're lucky enough to be a part of the writing family. 

I've been in Cambridge for a couple of weeks now, trying to find my way - 


This is a mandatory part of visiting Cambridge - the beautiful King's College. 

But besides the wonders of the city, I've been trying to find ways to make myself useful. 

I've been putting out feelers to see if I could help with teaching about careers in the media, or creative writing. 

And I'm delighted to say I've been welcomed and offered a range of opportunities. 

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A Reunion With Yourself

I've been getting to know the myself of ten years ago again this last week. 

How? Because I'm rewriting the first of the TV Detective series at the request of a new publisher, which is great. 

But wow - the things you discover about how you used to be. 


I have found - 

I was much more wordy then. 

I described characters too literally - what they looked like, rather than their aura. 

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Mind Wanderings

I'm grateful for so many gifts in life. 

My health (apart from old age knee ache, hip ache, eye ache, and writerly soul ache), the fortune of being born in a developed and rich country, a loving family, and friends, and so much else...

But perhaps most importantly for a writer, the gift of imagination. 

I was taking a stroll today in some pastures new, when I saw this - 


To some, an old tree. To me - a wicked woman of the woods, who wrought evil on the world, and was eventually punished by being imprisoned forever in timber form. 

And all that formed in my mind in an instant. Oh, how I love my imagination with a joyful passion. 

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Alignments in Life

Sometimes, life gives you hints about which way to go. But it's not always so easy to see them. 

I realised this week, in a moment of reflection, that a seminal moment hit me when I was about 15.

And since I've been having a clearout of the house, how about a picture from roughly that time? Oh,the days of hair and youth (and bad smiles)...


The handsome one is my Dad, the finest father a man could ever wish for (even if, as you can probably tell, he didn't much care for being photographed).

Anyway, back to the point, and that seminal moment, one of life's little hints. So this is how it goes - 

Our English teacher, the wonderful Karen Osler, set us a story to write for homework. The title was My First Love.

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