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The Power of Pictures

This is a tough sentence for a writer to put on record, but there are times when words just aren't enough. 

In short, some things you simply have to see. 

Think Phan Thi Kim Phuc, often known as the Napalm Girl, running screaming, in one of the most notorious images of the Vietnam War.

No words could truly capture that horror. 

Or, at the other end of the spectrum of emotions, the workmen having lunch on a girder, hundreds of feet above New York, as they built the Rockefeller Centre.

Or Marilyn Monroe, and her skirt blowing up in that wonderful moment which captured so much of her essence. 

Yes, words could try to describe those moments. But only seeing them can really do the job. 

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The Sweet Spot

It's a belief of mine that we all have a sweet spot; a precious place which optimises our creative flows.

For some, it's the great outdoors. Perhaps a walk along a river, through a forest, or on the coast.

Others have more individual, and indeed unusual, sweet spots. 

And here's mine - 

(Why did I get the feeling you'd already guessed what was coming?)

Yes, of course, it's a pub. In this case one of my favourites in Cambridge, the Champ of the Thames, complete with obligatory and delightful pub dog. 

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Space, The Creative Frontier

Excuse the title, but I’ve always loved Star Trek.

Why? Much because of the remarkable imagination and talent that went into creating it.

Any show that can stand the test of time like Star Trek, and spawn so many offshoots, has to be worth admiring.

And, indeed, learning from.

What am I talking about now, you may well ask? (A familiar feeling for sufferers of my musings, I suspect.)

I’m talking about space. Not the vast unexplored universes that Kirk and company carouse through, but a more metaphorical space.

The space to be creative.

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Monologue Slog, Dialogue Agog

A good friend of mine went on a date with a girl he liked a lot. 

How did it go? I asked him the next day. 

Great, he replied. I told her all about my job, my family, my hobbies, my life, the lot. 

And what did you find out about her? 


Has she messaged you about getting together again?

That's the funny thing... no. 

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