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The Smartness of Simplicity

I've come up with a new game to play in my lectures and workshops.

I think it'll be really helpful in allowing people to make a strong impact with their communications, not to mention jolly fun.

And yes, since it's you, I'll tell you about it in a minute. 

But first! Since this is me, a little storytelling to lead up to the punchline...

The idea was born of a splendid week, in which I met lots of great people, and hopefully helped a few with their communications needs.

Throughout the week, the same theme came up time and again - 

The power of simplicity. 

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Getting in Early

If little things please little minds, I don't want to think about the dimensions of my brain. 

Because something very small happened this week, but it brought me a great deal of pleasure. 

This is it - 

Two people, in a lecture theatre, writing away... well, I did tell you it was a little thing. 

But the reason I was happy is that they were practicing a trick I think is both brilliant and invaluable. 

To explain, I'll step back a few hours from when this photo was taken. 

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Bridging the Divide

I was at a careers fair last week, which unwittingly presented an important but often overlooked lesson in the art of getting your message across. 

The hall was full of tables for all the various businesses and contributors, and this was the view from mine - 

It was a double barricade from the students who were our audience. Not just a table in front of me, but a couple of signs as well. 

Some of the other exhibitors were sitting behind their desks, and - perhaps not surprisingly - getting little in the way of interest. 

So up I stood and lingered beside the table. 

In the flow of the passing student body, not separated from. 

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The Right Words

The right words are rare and beautiful things.

Get them spot on and you can make someone fall in love, bring peace, get yourself a publishing contract, seal a business deal, or get people to follow you just about anywhere, through just about anything.

And so much more besides.

But get them wrong and the consequences can be awful.

One small example -

I don't think I've got the best taste in the world, but I try to keep my house reasonably stylish. 

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