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Just Another Blog... or The Triumph of a Thrilling Title

Modern life is so bish-bash-bosh busy.

Emails, messages, social media, the phone ringing, we're far too often short of time to do all the rich array of things we'd like to.

So if you want to get noticed, get people interested in what you're doing, you've got to use all the communications tricks at your disposal. 

Where better to start than the title of that talk you're doing, or the course you're running, or the product or service you're trying to sell?

So, given all the competing demands for your time, which of my musings are you more likely to read?

One called - Just Another Blog or - The Triumph of a Thrilling Title?

I was discussing that with a colleague at the Judge Business School this week, as we began another term of working with the entrepreneurs of the future. 

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A Forbidden Word

There's a word I'd like to ban from job applications, biographies, social media profiles, CVs, and any forum whatsoever in which people describe themselves. 

I heard it three times last week, and excuse the melodrama...

But I wanted to chase it around the room with a stick, corner it, cage it, and bury it under tonnes of earth, never to be seen again. 

The first time was in London, where I was teaching in the Church House, a wonderful building which is part of the magnificent Westminster Abbey corner of the city.

There were various events going on, and I happened to be passing one, a conference, when I heard a speaker introduce himself in this way...

"I'm Tony, I'm from Brighton, and I'm ********** about...

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Off the Shelf... and Into the Bin

There's a big, smiling, alluring, come hither temptation when you're asked to give a talk, lecture, or teaching session...

It's understandable. We're all busy. There are plenty of other demands on our time.

So we're very tempted to find the notes on that session we did before, and regurgitate it.



Because yes, sure, it will probably be adequate.

It'll fill the space, tick the box, get a polite round of dutiful applause at the end.

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Winks of Fate

Life can sometimes drop you a hint to let you know that you're on the right track. 

And - happily enough, in my experience - often at moments when you need it.

I know that's a big, bold thing to say, touching on religion, and philosophy, but hear me out -

One such moment happened to me this week, and, looking back, they've come visiting quite a few times before. 

I was out for a run along the River Cam, and reached a point where I would normally turn back. 

But this Christmas, I set myself a challenge - to run further than I had before. 

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