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Division and Harmony

We hear a lot in modern life about division. But this is a story about harmony. 

I reached a big moment this week. The end of my first year at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. 

I looked back on when I joined, and thought... the excitement and nerves were hard to hide. 

And no wonder. Our old foe, The Impostor Syndrome, was in full flow. 

I'll be surrounded by some of the most brilliant people on the planet... who am I to be part of this... what can I hope to contribute?

But wow, happily I didn't need to worry. I was made so very welcome.

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Precious Moments

If every moment in life is precious, some are more precious than others. 

Before you start giving me that smile, thinking He does have a heart after all...

I'm talking practicalities. Not the birth of your first child, or getting your dream job, or buying your first house.

(Although yes, of course, I do think they're hugely precious.)

This week, I was privileged to be part of the team who welcomed the Malaysian Minister for Entrepreneurship to Cambridge Judge Business School. 

I'm pleased to say Mohd Redzuan Yusof enjoyed his visit so much, he was happy for some of our businesses to present their ideas to him. 

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The Phoenix Spirit

There's a right way and a wrong way to deal with setbacks. 

The wrong way is the easy way, however tempting. 

Lie down, blubber a lot, wrap yourself in a curtain, accept defeat and hide away from the world. 

The right way is tougher, and requires what I think of as the Phoenix Spirit. 

I know what you're thinking here, and ok, it's true, you're as sharp as ever, dear reader. That's not actually a phoenix. 

But it is an appropriate picture, for reasons I will explain at the end of this musing. 

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Dream Hunting

It's a scary thing, to go hunting your dream, but if you catch it the results can be amazing.

On which subject, this is Joe.

I met him soon after moving to Cambridge, when I was in networking, say hello to as many people as possible, hope some might like you, and a few even help you and give you work mode. 

We didn't network - we just got on and became friends. 

Because Joe is one of those splendid people it's impossible not to like. He's kind, gentle, hugely talented, wants to help everyone he can and generally make the world a better place. 

Anyway, soon after we got to know each other, Joe confided he was thinking about leaving his job as a marketing manager and going it alone. 

In his spare time, he'd started a community called The Marketing Meetup, and it was growing fast. Lots of events, hundreds of people coming along ( if you're interested.)

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The Art (or Science!) of Presentations

A guest blog on how to give presentations by Brad Fowler, founder of Scope, one of the fine young companies I'm fortunate to coach at Cambridge Judge Business School. 

Brad writes -

In traditional engineering fashion, I’ll write my essay in bullet points. I hope you find this informative, practical and of course an efficient use of the time it would take you to wait for a YouTube ad to finish.

- Start with why, not what or how.

Bad examples:

- Our battery lasts 20% longer than any other on the market, it works by blah blah blah.

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360 Degree Teaching

I realised something obvious, but rather profound this week. 

I might pride myself on being a teacher, and some might have formal job titles which describe them as teachers, but in reality...

We're all teachers. Every one of us. 

I was running a workshop on blog writing, below, and was talking about the importance of simplicity.

I mentioned the genius of Google, making searching the vast reaches of the internet as easy as typing a few words into a box...

And one of the group chipped in with a fascinating anecdote about how Google also succeeded because it turned the received wisdom of internet business at the time on its head. 

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