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The Impostor Syndrome

I didn't mean to carry out this experiment - it just came to me - but it certainly was interesting. 

I was doing one of my modestly entitled Secrets of Success talks, this time at the excellent St Bede's School in Cambridge.

I was wonderfully looked after, not least by the headteacher, and head boy and girl - thanks all for a great session.

Anyway, one of The Secrets is - ***** spoilers alert here ***** - the importance of having faith in yourself. 

There must have been 150 young men and women in the audience. 

I explained how people often doubt they should be in the position they are, doing the job they do - the dreaded Impostor Syndrome...

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Big Weeks

We all have them. Big weeks. 

Whether it's their workload, or their importance, or both, they're BIG. 

But how to deal with them? 

Let me air some insights I've found on my way, because I've just had a terrific one. A very BIG week indeed.

This was one of the many highlights - 

Meeting a party of entrepreneurs from China, and coaching them about British ways of doing business.

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The Hidden Depths

It’s curious how the hidden depths and secret corners are often the most interesting.

And that goes for both human life, and the natural world.            

Witness this - a rarely visited oasis of Cambridge, behind the Fitzwilliam Museum and Peterhouse College, and all the more beautiful for its tranquility in what can be a very busy city.            

I spent a delightful half an hour here on a lunch break this week, and it was wonderfully uplifting.                     

So it goes with finding secret corners and hidden depths. 

In writing, the most fascinating moments often come when characters are under the greatest pressure.

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The Right Time

It's simple, it's powerful, and it's well worth getting to know if you want to make the most of you precious creativity.

What am I talking about (as you must so often ask, poor, long-suffering reader of my musings)?

I'm talking your peak performance time. 

This is mine. Not the chilly days of the winter, but the mornings, all year around.

I discovered the right time for me years ago, when I began writing novels. 

I was still with the BBC then, as a News Correspondent, which was a busy job to say the least. 

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