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Powering Your Productivity

I was asked a question this week, which I found very flattering - 

How come you seem to manage to get so much done?

Here's the answer, in a cryptic type way -

No, it's not by gazing at the sky, although - I suspect like all of us - I do sometimes indulge in that.

It's all to do with times of day, and which is the best for you. 

When I started writing novels, about 15 years ago now, I often struggled to find the words. 

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The Loving It Ladder

This is my one, single, most important tip for nailing public speaking. 

It's a method I've used many times to help apsiring presenters go from fearing the art to feeling fine about it - The Loving It Ladder

Like so many people, you're scared of public speaking, right?

The thought of it sends you into a spin. If you have to do it, you worry for days beforehand, and as for the night before...

Don't even go there.

Yet you know you have to become at least competent at presenting to get on in life. 

So here's what to do -  

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Watch Your Language

One of the wonders of words is how subtle distinctions can make huge differences.

Which means a few seconds' thought about your choice of language can reap big benefits. 

Here's an example - 

Thames Water inadvertently carried out an experiment in the power of words when they advertised for a job. 

The original wording went like this - 

Are you a confident sewage champion who can see off the competition to land your dream job? You should have a background in an industrial setting to help ensure sewage is treated effectively and efficiently.

Seems ok? Does the trick? Says what the job is and the kind of person they want?

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Discovering (and Profiting From) Your Hidden Talents

I made a surprise discovery which brought in considerable unexpected business, made me feel good, and was also a great benefit to a lot of people. 

Let me take a step back, and explain.

I held a webinar on Cracking a Career Change for the excellent Cambridge Network this week. 

I did it for free, and for a couple of good reasons. 

Firstly, two friends have been made redundant because of Covid in the last fortnight. 

I fear many more good people, with a great deal to contribute, will follow. 

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