Battles of the Edits

I've spent much of the week chuckling about a comment from the editor of my new tvdetective book, which is out in April (since you ask!)


Why a picture of Master Yoda are you looking at, you ask? Then tell you, I shall. 

The comment went like this - 

The author has a very pronounced style... it occasionally sounds like Yoda talking.

I believe that writing is a team effort. With author, agent, publisher, cover designer, marketing team, all trying to do their best for the book. 

So I don't get offended by suggestions. They're meant for the right reasons, even if they can sometimes feel sharp. 


There's a balance. As an author, you need to retain your distinctive voice, and guard against it being edited away. So I took the Yoda comment as a compliment. 

Because I wonder how many editors might have written -

Your sentences are rather short, Mr Hemingway. Or - This is quite a raunchy book, Mr Lawrence

Or even - I'm afraid I really haven't got a clue what this Ulysses thing is about, Mr Joyce.

I'm not putting myself in the class of such masters. Simply saying that we all have our own, unique style, and that's a fundamental part of the writing art. 

So editor's comments listen to, I do. And amend accordingly sometimes, I will. 

But defend my voice largely, I must.

For this is the way of the writing force.