Brainstorming footprints

There's something I suspect is unique to every writer, and which we don't even notice until we force ourselves to look, but when we do...

I wonder what it tells us about the way our minds work? 

I'm talking about the notes that flow from the brainstorming process and how we arrange them. 

I'm getting to the end of the planning for my new book, wanted to order the outpouring of ideas into some kind of shape, and realised I have a bizarre set of notations. 

Firstly, there's the excitement when a good idea arrives - 

blog circles.jpg

In the Hall mind, this clearly requires underlining for reasonably good ideas, and circling for even better ones. 

Then there's the connecting up of related thoughts, which requires arrows - 

blog arrows.JPG

And when a very good idea arrives, watch out for the assault of yeses and stars! 

blog yes circles and stars.JPG

I started wondering what this all said about my thought processes, then decided it was better not to. 

But what struck me was how I did it without ever thinking it was a little eccentric.

I haven't dared to ask any other writers about their notation systems yet. Perhaps that's why I'm writing it in this blog...