Breaking the Rules

Perhaps I should start this musing with a mention of the weather - because that, according to one of the many rules of writing is something an author should never do. 

Well, I'm just that kind of rule breaking rebel - and I can prove it.

I've finally finished the proof read of my new book, Justice Mirror - 

Justice mirror the cover.JPG

I noticed when I was reading back through all 93,000 words of the book, that I'd broken every single one of the sacred rules. 

If you can cut out a word, I don't always cut it out. Because some scenes might need slowing down, or easing off, or expanding, or going on a bit...

And on a bit more...

Occasionally I might add the odd adverb to a snatch of dialogue, he said, loftily. 

I'm not actually a great fan of exclamation marks, but sometimes! You just need them! To emphasise a point!


And as for not starting a scene with the weather, I'm English! Without the weather, what would we talk about?!

(He protested, excitedly!) 

The point being that I have a rule of writing of my own, and it's much simpler than the lists you see handed down from the knowing and the worthy.

There are no rules. 

If it works, it works, and that's it. It's one of the joys of the job. Rules are for fools. Simples!

He said, defiantly.