Confession, angst, apology

That's quite a title for a blog, and one which leaves me wondering whether I'll be able to live up to it.  However, here we go -

I'm away on this cruise thing later in the week, and it's got me in a mild flap.  Not a dreadful one, like a swan's frantic attempts to take off, but enough to irk.

The curious thing is why.  I'm giving six talks about my books and writing, each of an hour's length.  These were daunting enough, but I've been working on them, on and off, for the best part of a year.  And now, at last, I'm mostly happy with how they look.

The concerns centre on ... and here comes the confession ...

The packing for the trip.

Yes, I'm in a state of turmoil about what to take.  And before you start laughing, it's not simple.

I've got to have clothes for presenting the lectures, clothes for formal dinner nights, for semi formal nights (whatever that means), and for leisurewear.  And all that not just for equatorial climes (that's where the cruise is heading), but leaving England in November and returning in December means I have to be prepared for that, too.

Cue the angst.  And how.

I've bought a new case, which is the size of a barge, but I'm still going to have to take other bagto supplement it.  And suit and shirt carriers, too.

And that's before I even get to sun creams, insect repellants, toiletries, travel sickness pills etc etc.

In short - aaaaggghhh!

It's the old story of being pitched outside of the comfort zone.  Talks I can mostly do.  Packing I'm less used to, and clearly cannot.

Which is where the apology comes in.  Sorry for a lack of blogs of late.  As you may have guessed from the ranting and rambling above, I've been a little preoccupied with other matters.

On the subject of which, would you kindly excuse me?  I've got to get back to some more diligent agonising about what to take.

I'm not sure what internet access the ship will have, but I'll try to post a few thoughts about how the cruise is going.  That's assuming I remember to pack my laptop...