Coronavirus photo diary week nine: 10 - 16th May

A more upbeat feel today, Sunday, 10th May.

The news is full of stories about the lockdown being lifted, which is probably responsible for the more hopeful outlook. 

Whether it's responsible journalism is another matter. 

In my BBC days, I used to hate sloppiness with language, and I still do. 

Surely easing the lockdown would be a far more accurate way to put it. We're still under stringent restrictions, after all. 

Hey ho, so it may go. 

But who wouldn't smile with a sight like this to enjoy - 

One of the busiest spots in Cambridge in the usual world, but now King's Parade...

... is benefitting from some re-wilding of a most unexpected sort. 


I do wonder if lifting the lockdown will be too late for parts of the economy. 

On a run on Monday, 11th May I plodded through the open air market in the heart of Cambridge...

It's usually such a great cross section of stalls and society, but has become yet another element of life frozen by the virus. 


The government has now decided to advise us to wear face coverings when we go out shopping, or spend time in any enclosed space. 

I dutifully did my bit this morning, Tuesday, 12th May, when I went to get some food...

It's supposed to make me look socially responsible...

In fact, it makes me look more like a robber. 


Stepping out for a walk today, Wednesday, 13th May, I was wondering what I would see. 

The lockdown is officially lifted, at least a little, and I did spot more people out, dressed for work, and cars on the roads. 

But this... this I particularly enjoyed. 

Two friends, who hadn't met in person for weeks, taking advantage of the ability to get together again in public...

Albeit from a distance of two metres, of course. 


I did my biggest webinar to date on Thursday, 14th May

It was for the government's Department for International Trade, to help businesses use good communications to support their recovery from coronavirus.

The big news is I've finally worked out what to wear for these. 

I call it the half and half look...

Top half pure pro, bottom half downright dude. 

To make me feel relaxed enough to deliver, but also professional enough to perform...

Enough said, or, indeed, shown, I think!


Friday, 15th May, and another experience which made me smile.

And how we need to hang on to those moments in these troubled times. 

As I've mentioned, a local pub, the Free Press, do takeaway beer, but with hygiene precautions, naturally. 

I asked the landlord whether the gel was to be applied to the hands, or drunk as a sort of bonus, a free short if you like. 

We had a little laugh about it. And yes, I know, it's not the finest humour. 

But at times like this, it seems myself, and many others, will take anything that lifts the spirits. 


Rightly, it's the impact on health which is the focus of our fight with coronavirus. 

But the damage to the economy is increasingly worrying me. 

Who has ever seen a city centre supermarket look like this during mid afternoon at a weekend?

This was Saturday, 16th May.