Coronavirus Photo Diary Week Ten: 17 - Saturday 23rd May

I went for a stroll on the morning of Sunday, 17th May, and found myself wondering what the pandemic would mean for many of our wonderful charities. 

They do so much good work, but now - 

With their shops closed, and so many of their fundraising events cancelled, the future is going to be challenging, to say the least. 

Which, as ever, will most hurt some of the most needy in our society. 

That seems to be the depressing way with this vicious virus, whether its attacks be social, economic, or healthwise. 

It delights in victimising the vulnerable. 


A sign of the times on Monday, 18th. 

Pictures... a thousand words...

Enough said, I think.


Ever since I arrived in Cambridge, I've loved the Botanic Garden. 

It's so peaceful, beautiful, uplifting. 

It's now also closed. 

Bloody coronavirus. Is nothing sacred?

This was Tuesday, 19th May


Wednesday, 20th May brought the hottest day of the year so far. 

It should be a time for the parks, the river, the countryside to be full of people...

But no. Not now. Not under the reign of coronavirus. 

A flotilla of punts all lined up, with nowhere to go and no one to go on them. 

Cambridge without punts - unthinkable. In normal times. 


Small, mundane, incredibly ordinary things can mean a lot in lockdown. 

Friday, 22nd May was my first job outside the house since the world we know began to fall apart. 

It was with a building firm, who I'm helping with some public relations. 

The easing of lockdown means they're back to work, at least with some projects...

I don't think I've ever been so glad to see builders at work in my entire life. 


Final entry, the day Saturday, 23rd May, 2020.

Two reasons for that - the first, that I've noticed it often makes me sad, thinking through the experiences I have to set down here.

I'm reasonably resilient, but still have to safeguard my sanity, these are such strange times. 

I have quite a bit of work on, teaching, and supporting great businesses, and important causes, so need to save my energy for those. 

Secondly, and more importantly, hope is returning. 

It was sunny today.

Summer is coming on, the lockdown is easing, the death count (daily) is falling, and there's a sense of better days ahead. 

Tribute to the British public for that.

A great deal was asked of them, and they delivered, as, when it matters, they always do. 

So I may post a few more updates in future, but this seems the right point to bow out from my observations. 

But just to leave on this note - 

I went for a walk around Cambridge, there were many more people about, and most were...


How little things can mean so much. We haven't seen smiles anywhere near enough these last ten tough weeks.

So this is the final picture, for reasons you'll immediately understand.