Cruise curiousities

It's a strange feeling, writing this on a November Sunday afternoon with the sun in full glory, whilst bobbing around off the third of our Cape Verde islands. 

But there are many oddities to a cruise.  To illustrate -

Here's a question; what are the three most redundant features on the ship?

The answers...

1. The "late night disco". 

The Balmoral is filled almost entirely with older people, who get up about 6am and go to bed before 10.  The disco is entirely empty, night after night, but all the more memorable for that.

In fact, when a group of we "entertainers" went up there (it's on the attrium deck) a couple of nights ago, just to see this marvel for ourselves, one of the wholly unemployed bar staff began cleaning windows with a mop on a long pole.

Which just added to the atmosphere no end.

Myself and the other entertainers are planning to go to the disco before the end of the cruise, just to frighten the DJ.  I wanted to speak to him the last time we went up there, but I didn't have the heart to wake him.

2. Salad.

There's always a whole section of the stuff in the restaurants, but as it's placed alongside piles of pies, venison, curry, fajitas, stir fries, pasta dishes and Thai, Chinese and Indian food, it gets as much use as would indicators if fitted to the ship.

3. (related to Salad, above) Fruit.

There are always bowls of lovely apples, pears, oranges, grapes etc.  But as they're located next to the cakes, ice creams, trifles, crumbles, chocolate puddings etc., they too live a forlorn and pointless existence.

Although I did take an apple yesterday, to the general amazement of the waiters.  One even wanted to get a photo, but his colleagues prevented him.

Aside from all that, the cruise is going well.  My next lecture is tomorrow, when we come to the "R" in my MURDER acronym.  No, I'm not telling you what it stands for yet, I'll report again in the next few days.

We set sail for the Canary Islands later.  I have fond memories of Tenerife from my days of misspent youth, so am looking forward to that.

On the subject of which, tonight is Motown night, which is one of my favourite styles of music and also reminds me of days of yore - particularly scooter rallies.  Perhaps I'll break into a dance.

But then again... maybe I'll save that delight for the night of the visit to the legendary late night disco.

I'm still going to the gym every day, as the food is endless and ever-present.  On the subject of which, I must be off.  The barbecue is over and we've had a ten minute break from refreshments, so it's time for afternoon tea. 

And cake, of course.  That's if I can resist the rival charms of the fruit and salad...