Customer Care

I enjoyed an entertaining surprise last week, which reminded me of an excellent lesson for authors. 

I was walking through my home town of Exeter, in the usual daytime daze, when a lady came running up shouting my name. 

It turned out to be the owner of my favourite shop, a vintage clothing emporium. A couple of years ago, I'd told her I was on the lookout for a flying jacket, but couldn't find one anywhere.

She promised to let me know if one came in, and I thought no more about it until... 

I was grabbed and beckoned into her shop, with the following result - 


Now that's what I call customer care - and it's a fine example of the way authors should, in my humble view, approach events.

We are the suppliers of a service and should treat our customers in a similar manner. 

I know we're often nervous about a gig, and rather preoccupied, but it's usually the case the organisers are even more wobbly, worrying whether it will go well, who'll turn up etc. 

So we've got to try to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for everyone. 

When I'm invited to do an event, the first question I usually ask is - How do you want it to go / What would you like to get out of it? 

That tends to smoothe the way, relax everyone, and ensure everything goes as well as possible. 

Just like my new jacket, and the happy chappy enswathed in it - good customer care leads to happy clients, who thus tend to want to come back for more...

Which equals repeat bookings, and a happy author too!