Eccentric Notes

A rarely seen, but revealing insight into a writer's character, can be their notes. 

I sent a little Tweet this week which showed my pleasure at solving a plot issue with my new book. 

nOTes blog.JPG

It was the set of scribbles third from the left - the stars in circles and the smiley. 

I didn't think much more of the Tweet, but I received a lot of comments about it.

Apparently others also have their favourite (and quirky) ways of recording useful thoughts. 

I heard tell of post it notes in a range of colours, various different coloured pens, underlinings, asterisks, highlighters, encirclings and even pictures of fruit to illustrate various strands of plot / character / setting. 

Yes, honestly - fruit. 

Symbols seem to be one of those things that everyone has their individual way with, and can be a lot of fun. 

As you can see from the picture above, the height of my writing excitement is a smiley with lots of circles and stars. 

But ticks, the word yes in circles, and arrows all seem to have a place in my hierarchy of ideas. 

Just like writing styles and viewpoints, each to their own, and all interesting in their ways. 

In fact, there is only one thing I really don't like to see on a writer's notebook. 

It's perhaps the most dreaded of all the possiblities...

A blank.