Emotional Attachments

There's a curious split in my life, and I've been wondering if it's shared by other writers? 

I don't usually have any trouble with throwing things out. Whether it's clothes, or books, kitchen bits or whatever, if it's past its sell by date then out it goes. 

But that's very much not the case with anything to do with writing. 

I can't chuck out old notebooks, or programmes from literary festivals, or outlines for talks I've given, or anything that's part of the wonderful writing world. It just feels wrong. 

I noticed this little quirk recently when I bought a new laptop. Everything from the old one is transferred to it, and backed up, but could I chuck the old one out? 

Not a hope. I felt queasy at the thought.

So into the corner of my study it went, along with its predecessor - 


I doubt either of them will ever do anything again, apart from sit there, but I just can't bring myself to dump them. 

I suspect it's the power of their emotional attachment. Some of my books, or short stories, or teaching presentations were written on the things. They're travelled with me to so many places, met so very many fellow writers. 

So they deserve more than being just discarded. They're too much like old friends for that. 

I wonder if this is all a commentary on the writing life. Because we love it so much, get so deeply immersed in it, we forge powerful emotional attachments... even with something as functional as a laptop.