I was once, many years ago, colour analysed by a BBC stylist, who came to the conclusion my shade was blue. 

Since then, I've probably gathered together one of the world's finest collections of blue shirts. 

But there are blues and there are blues. 


I did two important events this week, both about how to handle the media.

One was to a group of aspiring writers, the other to a group of business people. 

It won't take long for you to work out which particular blue shirt I wore to which event. 

I'm often asked... what's the secret of a successful talk, or presentation? 

The answer is simple and familiar - 

Give the people what they want. 

For both events, the content was largely the same. 

But one of the key messages was to use every advantage at your disposal to achieve your aims - in these cases, getting publicity for your work. 

My aim was to make some good contacts, perhaps even some friends, and drum up some new business. 

I think/hope I succeeded in that, because I gave the people what they wanted to know. 

But I also practiced what I preached, and used another important weapon by looking the way the respective audiences would expect. 

In relationships, whether business or personal, a little empathy can go a long way.