Energy and passion

... a pairing that I'm pleased to say, even after near to 44 years residency upon this fair planet, of which I still seem to have some reserves.

I was chatting yesterday about what it takes to be a decent teacher, following the lecture I gave to the teaching students at Plymouth University.

A brief digression here - thanks to all of you for being such a great group to work with, for not minding my strange ways of teaching, for not complaining about being frightened, or molested, or sprayed with my scents (particularly the lady who wanted to know how she was going to explain the waft of male deodorant to her partner when she got home).

Also for playing along with my games, even laughing with my Tweets, and especially for the lovely feedback you sent me - it's hugely appreciated.

At the start of the lecture, I had to make a confession.  Which is that I have no formal qualifications in teaching at all - and that means everyone else there knew much more about it than I did.

So why did it seem to work?  I think the answer came down to belief.

Teaching is a job which can easily be argued as amongst the most important in the world.  If you can read this blog, for instance, thank a teacher.  I know the profound and inspirational effect that teachers (and two in particular) had on my life. 

So, it seems to me to be a career we should believe in, respect, and support as much as we can.

And that's where the passion comes from, in talking about it.  If it means something to you, it makes it so much easier to communicate, and to enthuse others.

And as for the energy - when you've got two hundred people watching (some of whom, perhaps, looked a little jaded from Halloween partying and in need of waking up?!), then if that doesn't make the adrenaline fire, what will?

Energy and passion - they go a long way to making a decent teacher.  I think they're what help me to get by, even if my actual knowledge of the subject is not exactly expansive.

Finally, on a personal note, the lecture was a great pleasure to give.  I almost felt young again - and being reminded of youth, zeal and zest, passion and energy can be a heady thing, even after all these years.