Everyday Inspirations

Some of the most wonderful features of life we can easily stop noticing, and yet they're so important and helpful to writers. 

So here's a simple tip which will always help to provide the perfect backdrop to writing - 

If you're in the fortunate position of having a study in your home, and you've got the option, go for the attic or highest room. And even better, get yourself a skylight. 

It may cost some money, but it'll pay you back a thousand times and more in the joyful currency of inspiration. 

Why? Well, look at this, the view from my study this morning - 

study blog.JPG

I've always thought the elements are a great inspiration for a scribbler.

Today, I had the uplifting accompaniment of the autumn sunshine. But whatever the weather, it always helps the creativity. 

Drumming rain is a lovely beat to work along to. The creeping darkness feels mysterious, ideal for a crime writer. Starlight infuses romance, (on the rare and faltering occasions I actually attempt to write any.)

But my favourite weather to write along with is a windy day.

The sounds of the whipping air, the rattling of the roof tiles, the buffetting of the trees - they can't help but pour feelings into your work. 

The elements are a simple and easily overlooked ally for a writer, but well worth embracing, and as closely as you can.