Extreme Writing

I had an encounter this week, which I occasionally... and here I have to pause to choose the right word...

I won't say enjoy because it has a big negative, and I won't say suffer as it has its upside too. So how about the more neutral... experience.

(Blimey, a digression right at the start of one of my musings - that might be a record, even for me.)

Anyway, the reason for writing about my experience it is to raise the question of whether other writers have known similar such.

The thing in question is this - it's been one hell of a week, mainly because of my day job, which saw me chasing around reporting on the extreme weather my beloved Devon has been suffering -

Simon Hall Dawlish Seawall.jpg

(This is me in Dawlish, talking about the breach of the sea wall - thanks to Tony Christie for sending it over, and my thoughts go with all the people who've suffered so badly in the storms.)

But, as ever, despite the demands of the reporting I can't go without writing too, which had the effect of leaving me very tired by Friday. And so comes the experience...

When I'm exhausted, I often wonder if I should be trying to write, or just doing my best to take it easy and recover. But I've found something strange, and it's this...

I can have my most creative, effective and perceptive thoughts when I'm very tired.

There were a couple of issues which have been bothering me with the young adults book I'm working on, so I decided to sit back and think about them... and wow! Along came the answers, and fast, and - I hope - pretty good, too.

I wondered why my mind was able to do that, and started thinking it might be because my body may have been tired out, but my imagination wasn't.

Perhaps it was getting frustrated with the limitations of the physical me and decided to go ranging off doing it's own kind of exercise - which meant it was just in the right state to come up with some decent ideas.

I wondered if other writers have had the same experience, or whether it was just a quirk of the Hall mind - not that it doesn't already have plenty enough of those.